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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center in Lucban Quezon, Philippines blog

Last April 2011, during the Holy Week, a relative took us to a spiritual journey through one of the popular destinations in Lucban Quezon.  That is the "Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center" which means "In the Hands of Jesus Healing Center".  To those who are familiar with the place, everybody knows how it was known to be one.  But to those who don't, it is said that it is a sacred and miraculous place founded by Fr. Joey Faller known as the healing priest.  He has healing sessions every Wednesdays and Fridays.  By the looks of the people milling around, that's how massive the devotees are.

Though we weren't able to have the chance to see Fr. Joey Faller,  we were able to have time for praying and meditation by the "Way of the Cross" or "Stations of the Cross" by going up its slopes.  A Catholic by birth until the present,  I will not be a hypocrite and say that I'm a very deep and ardent Catholic devotee, because I'm not.  But I am familiar with some of the ways of how we, as Catholics celebrate and commorate Jesus in our lives.

Seeing the picture, one might be intimidated at the height of the slopes.  Don't be.  Having been to Camiguin Island and prayed by Way of the Cross through its hill there, this is a far cry compared to that.  Believe me, this is only a short distance and a short pilgrimage at that.  But to those who really are not into this kind of exertion, you can be consoled by only one consolation.  That is experiencing the feeling of peace and traguility and the contentment of fulfulling the short journey to the top.  I think it's a worth it experience, don't you think?

There are 14 stations which are:

  •   I              Last Supper
  •   II            Agony in the Garden
  •   III          Jesus is Condemned to Death
  •   IV          Crowning of Thorns
  •   V            Carrying of the Cross
  •   VI          Jesus Falls
  •   VII        Simon of Cyrene
  •   VIII      Women of Jerusalem
  •   IX          Jesus Nailed on the Cross
  •   X           The Forgiven Thief
  •   XI          Mary and John
  •   XII        Jesus Died on the Cross
  •   XIII      Jesus Laid in the Tomb
  •   XIV       Resurrection

The stone sculptures are really works of art.  This is one way of letting us remember how Jesus sacrifices Himself just for us so that we will all be redeemed and saved.  If you have nothing else to do during the Holy Week; and questions like "Where shall we go?" and "What better to do?" keeps coming up; this is one way to do it.  But this is not only during the Holy Week, this center is open whole year round to whomever wants to give a part of our time to Him up there.

So where is this place?  Truthfully, we were driven by our relative to this special place so I haven't really have the chance to study its location.  But maybe this information below might help you.

I will post detailed Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center photos on my next blog.  Hope this blog will inspire you in more ways than one.  Because one way or another,  we do need God's healing hands and guidance in our everyday lives.

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