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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hong Kong: Disneyland Hotel's "Enchanted Garden Restaurant" - A Breakfast to Remember

Disneyland Hong Kong has two exciting hotels to choose from.  That is Disney's Hollywood Hotel and Disneyland Hotel.

When I first surfed the internet, I got quite confused between the two.  It's only when I arrived at Hollywood Hotel itself that I understood that both hotels offer their own signature restaurants.

So, in order to experience the best of  both of hotels even with our limited time, we decided to sample one of each of the Hotel's signature restaurants.

The first day we had our dinner at Disney's Hollywood Hotel's "Chef Mickey".  The next day, we decided to enjoy breakfast at Disneyland Hotel's "Enchanted Garden".  Both needs early reservations, we were lucky we were accommodated during our checking-in period.  I heard some were not because it was fully booked already, especially the latter restaurant.

Entrance to the "Enchanted Garden Restaurant"

Mickey and Minnie figures in the middle of the buffet

Entering the restaurant is like stepping into a fabulously prepared dishes featuring an international buffet created by an all-star team chefs.  Where the highlight of the meal is when Disney Characters delight their guests with a visit to each of their tables.  Creating of course, a commotion of excitement and pictorials!

A Victorian inspired restaurant

What can I say?  The restaurant is packed with guests diners!

Just look at the intricate details on the walls and ceilings!

The food from the buffet is gastronomic in every sense!
We couldn't help but be awed by the restaurant. In spite of the fully booked seats and people milling around the buffets, it was definitely a sight to behold.

Hotdog, bacon, rice, omelet and vegetables with Mickey hand carrot cut-outs

Of course what's a breakfast meal without a Mickey pancake?

Now comes the moment we've been anticipating...  A visit from the Disney Characters!

Chef Pluto

The very sweet and affectionate Daisy!

To sum it up, it was a sumptuous and delightful breakfast meal.  I'm glad we tried the best of both hotels even only a part of it!

Our meal during our stay (mid of March 2011) cost the following:
Note:  Don't forget to include the 10% service charge based on the original price, to your computation.

Per adult computation:
Enchanted Garden Breakfast Buffet Per Adult -  $HK258.00
Add:  10% service charge base on original price  -  $HK25.80
TOTAL price per adult  -  $HK283.80

($HK258.00 + $HK25.80) =  $HK283.80

Per kid computation:
Enchanted Garden Breakfast Buffet Per Kid  -  $HK128.00
Add:  10% service charge base on original price  -  $HK12.80
TOTAL price per kid (ages 3-11)  -  $HK140.80

($HK128.00 + $HK12.80) =   $HK140.80

*Please take note that our meal is a breakfast buffet.  Disneyland is currently offering a dinner buffet from July 18 - August 31, 2011which has a HK$ 50.00 off if you download the coupon on the net. 

Adult: HK
(Original price: HK$458)

Your present computation will be as follows:

Per adult computation (July 18 - Aug. 31, 2011)  :
Enchanted Garden Original Price Dinner Per Adult -  $HK458.00
Less:  discount coupon  - $HK50.00
Add:  10% service charge base on original price  -  $HK45.80
TOTAL price per adult  -  $HK453.80

(($HK458.00 - $HK50.00) = $408.00 + $HK45.80) =  $HK453.80

Have lots of fun!!!

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    1. One thing I love Disney is because they allowed guests staying at the Three Disney owned Hotels to become "extras" for the all the media filming going on, though they only were notified by a letter delivered in the middle of the night, so they had no advance notice.

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    2. @michcaoili,
      That would really be a classy way of staying at Disney hotels. Wish we had that kind of luck when we were there. :)

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