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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Know Vietnam's Currency

VND or Vietnam Dong is Vietnam's currency.  Below are the images of the actual bills.  Remember in my previous blog, Vietnam - The Land to Discover;  I wrote that the estimate of the bill amount of Vietnam Dong are as follow:  (This is just an estimate so that when we buy things we can count it faster.)
  1. VND1,000,000.00 = PHP2,000.00
  2. VND500,000 = PHP1,000.00
  3. VND10,000.00 = PHP20.00

The current conversion rate of Vietnamese Dong is more or less:
1 Vietnamese Dong = 0.0020 Philippine Peso
 Note: this rate may vary depending on it's rate per day.

Below, are the conversion rates of Vietnamese Dong based on the above rate.    

currency# 1

VND500 = PHP1.00

currency# 2

VND1,000 = PHP2.00

currency# 3

VND2,000 = PHP4.00

currency# 4

VND5,000 = PHP10.00

currency# 5

VND10,000 = PHP20.00

currency# 6

VND20,000 = PHP40.00

currency# 7

VND50,000 = PHP100.00

currency# 8

VND100,000 = PHP200.00

currency# 9

VND200,000 = PHP400.00

Now, you know why they don't use coins when selling things.  =)  Truthfully, the whole time I've been there, I didn't see a single coin being exchanged.  And now do you also know why, I said that you will feel like a millionaire when holding their money?  Imagine, having VND1,000,000.00 and its only PHP2,000.00? =)  It's really a very perplexing feeling.  Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.

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