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Friday, October 21, 2011

RSM Tagaytay Seafoods Garden Restaurant - Philippines blog

We had a short trip to Tagaytay during one of the holidays.  It was one of those trips practically squeezed into our hectic schedules.  But I'm really glad we did!  It gave us time for ourselves and a breather from the demanding routines of our daily lives.

Our target?  Canyon Woods Residential Resort (see more on my next blog).  On our way, we passed by vast lands on our left side and store sellers of pineapples and flowers on our right side.  It reminds me of the typical scenery of the provincial cities we passed by during our other provincial trips.

Scenery we passed by on our way to Tagaytay

The mountain slopes, giving us an idea that we are on our way up the mountain top.

Along the way, we found these tent like stores of fruits and flowers.  Definitely a must have for some fresh pineapples on the way back to the city.  And some lovely flowers for home decor.

Pineapples!  Pineapples!  Pineapples!

Kaleidoscope of flowers

Flowers, hanging plants and potted plants for home.  Something we rarely find in the bustling city of Metro Manila.

On our way to Tagaytay, we had to pull over because it was lunch time already.  We had our lunch at RSM Tagaytay Seafoods Garden Restaurant.

RSM Tagaytay Seafoods Garden Restaurant or RSM Lutong Bahay's name speaks for itself.  It is a restaurant that specializes in "lutong bahay" or home cooked Filipino dishes.  The usual dishes that's popular are the grilled dishes or inihaw, sisig, bulalo, crispy pata, adobo, sinigang na hipon and a lot more.

The restaurant is rustic in design and boast of the typical Filipino interior that makes you feel at home.  Ceilings, tables and chairs are all wooden design, making it all the more authentic.  It also has a band that will serenade you with Filipino songs while you eat.  If you like the feel of it, why not?  But I personally don't really like the feeling of somebody hovering around even if they are singing, while I'm eating. =)
RSM Lutong Bahay interior
The long wooden table for family dining and the serenading band
There are two (2) ways to order food.  You have the choice to order a la carte by their menu or by falling in line through their fast food lane. 

Personally, no pun intended, choose your food via the fast food lane.  It's much quicker.  We ordered via fast food lane and choosing by menu, the food we ordered took a long time to be served that we already finished the other dishes that there's really no point eating what's being recently served.

Service is really not that great.  Asking for a spoon or fork or just an additional bowl for the soup took a long time that sometimes they even forgot you asked one.  The fact that they served their food so long is quiet a no - no already.

The price, I think is a bit on the expensive side.  I cannot particularly remember the exact price, but we ordered I think about 6 dishes in the fast food lane and it costs us more than P2,000.00.  And the meal we ordered a la carte is not included yet. 

Nevertheless, if you like the authentic "lutong bahay" meals, this is one of the places to go.  But they do need to speed up their service and maybe tweak their price range a bit.

RSM Lutong Bahay Menu

Beyond, the restaurant offers a garden for diners who want to have a dining experience overlooking the Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano.

This is definitely a lovely view.  One that you should explore just by walking along their pebbled paths and pausing for awhile and looking over at the Taal Volcano.  It is also an educational experience for your kids.  Knowing that they have seen the Taal Volcano in reality and not just in books or postcards.

The garden located at the back of the restaurant

This lovely miniature bridge leads to the open gazebo (see picture above)

And of course, the magnificent Taal Volcano captured our attention the minute we set our eyes on it.  It's really as picturesque as all those books and postcards that shows it in its glory state.

The picturesque Taal Volcano

Maybe the service and food price didn't quiet satisfy us, but this scenery is worth the trip. =)

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