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Friday, April 1, 2011

UNDERGROUND RIVER - Puerto Princesa Palawan, Philippines Photos

The long road - on our way to the underground river.
Along the way we pass by this "Century Old Tree"
The dock where we wait for our transportation to the underground river.
These motored boats were our means of transportation.
The islands we passed by during our boat ride.
One of the interesting islands
Finally, we arrived at our destination.
The path we have to trek
Large signs greeted us upon reaching the end of the path.

While waiting for our tour, dipping our feet on this spot for photos ops.
School of fishes greet us while taking pictures.
Picturesque view of the entrance to the underground river.
Visitors like us coming out of the underground river.

Large rock formations welcome us upon entering the cave.
Other viewers like us.  The cave is dark with only the lights coming from each of our boats.
Stalagmite and stalactite formations. "Puso ng saging" (heart of banana) formations.
Look closely, "Dragon" formation?
One of the fascinating formations.  What do you think it looks like?
Mushroom formations
Rock formation upon going out the cave.
Upon the end of the tour, this seemingly endless river greeted us upon our exit.
Other viewers waiting for their turn to ride our banka.
Finally, we voted for this wonder of nature! An adventurous experience!

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