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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Canyon Woods Residential Resort - Fairview, Tagaytay Philippines

Canyon Woods - Fairview Map
Excited to see how our accommodations would be, map in hand, we navigate our car to Fairview.  Passing through the long roads and trees, finally we then arrived at this vast green field, then I finally realized it is a golf course.

Part of the golf course

This golf course greets us when we step out of our Fairview unit.  The fresh air is the most welcoming thing that envelops us during the early mornings.  A far cry from the dust and smog that greet us during early mornings in the bustling city.

Canyon Woods' Fairview
Our unit accommodation at Fairview; it is composed of several units and we stayed at one of its units.  Fairview is an apartment type of accommodation, two (2) floors high.  First floor is where the living area, dining area and kitchen with one (1) bathroom are located.  The second floor has two (2) bedrooms.  The master and the guestroom, both with their own bathrooms.  It can accommodate two (2) families but you can still cramp up one more family where they can sleep in the living area camp style, which means bringing your own foldable beds with you. =)

Canyon Woods tricycle
Before we went inside, we can't help but notice this tricycle parked just outside our unit.  This vehicle is used to transport our beddings and sheets.  Cool isn't it?  Never really thought what they use to bring all the amenities we need specially with such a huge scope of area.  Fast, convenient, efficient not to mention that it's not huge, so it's easily maneuvers around.  Quick thinking of Canyon Woods, don't you think? =)

Finally, we entered our unit.

First Floor

Living area

Upon opening the door, the living area is the first thing that will greet you.  Complete with living sofa, table and television.

Dining area and kitchen
Beside the living area is the dining area and kitchen.  The dining area and kitchen has a small table counter top that divides the two areas, where you can also put your snacks or just stand while drinking a cup of coffee.  The wooden divider serves a great purpose in separating the dining area to the bathroom.  The sliding door at the back leads to a stoned wall with cleanly mowed grass.  Also a partial photo of the stairs can be seen leading to the second floor.

Stairs going to the second floor

Second Floor

Guest room

The guest room
The guest room, a single bed with a pull out bed.  Simple but cleanly furnished.  The light white curtains adds to the simplicity of the place.  They also provide pillows and bath towels.  The windows overlooks the back's stoned walls.

Beside the bed is the closet.  Not much space, but just enough to place your essentials.  Frankly, you really don't need that much space for an overnight do you?

Guest room's dresser and bathroom
The guest room is equip with a dresser for your personal knick-knacks and a bathroom.  A stylishly modern lamp stand on the side of the dresser.

Guest room's bathroom

The guest room's bathroom is complete with a lavatory, trash can, water closet and shower.  They also provide their own complimentary Canyon Woods soap and shampoo.  The only souvenir really that you can take home.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom
Beside the guest room is the master bedroom.  A queen sized bed with pillows and bath towels for two.  It also has its own dresser, night lamp. and painting.  The light curtains covered the window which faces the vast green fields of the golf course.  A perfect view I might say.

Master bedroom's view facing the door
On the bottom of the bed is the closet.  A much bigger closet for the whole family.  Just outside the master bedroom door is the adjacent door of the guest room.

Master bedroom's bathroom
The master bedroom's bathroom also has its own lavatory, trash can, water closet and shower.  Complete with the complimentary Canyon Woods soap and shampoo.

It's really quiet like an apartment any family has in the city.  Only this provides you with the extra spectacular view of your surroundings and amenities, activities  you can choose to enjoy on your short vacation at this resort.  A relaxing way to de-stress ourselves from our hectic day to day life. =)

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  2. Wow the place is awesome.I really like both guest room and master bedroom.The furniture is very well planned and placed.All the areas are very neat and clean.

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  3. This is a great hotel I will add this to my list to visit. Thanks

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