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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christmas 2011 at Dusit Thani Manila

Reading the title of this blog, I know this blog is way too late already.  I'm really sorry for that.  I should have blogged it a little earlier.  I was thinking of not blogging this at all; but as I scan through the pictures, it's just way too beautiful and colorful to pass up and not share at all.  So just please pardon this blog for it's lateness.  Maybe let's just have this blog for the record or idea comparison for this years yuletide season. =)

Dusit Thani's Christmas Tree

Christmas at Dusit Thani was a sight to behold.  After our sumptious dinner we wondered around the lobby through the Christmas trees that are purposely put up along the vast floor.  I was wondering why so much Christmas trees at the same time.  Surely one would be enough.

Somehow,  I wandered and read some of the notes written on each Christmas tree.  Then I realized it was a contest of sort and proceeds will go to the chosen foundation of the Family Tree that will win.  Though I was not able to verify this but nevertheless, my assumption just stuck in my mind; so if you know better, please try to inform me. =)

The above picture, I presume was Dusit Thani's own Christmas tree.  It was towering over the others with its amazing height.  It was definitely a sight to behold.

The Family Trees which participated were equally amazing and just a feast for the eyes.  Never thought Christmas trees could come in so many forms.  Below are the Family Trees and their notes under the trees.  Choose your favorite.  I have my own. =)

Llamas Family
"Christmas Symphony"
The Llamas Family's Christmas Tree is filled with different musical instruments and gift boxes.  This represents the various talents and blessings given to us by the Lord - that we should share in our everyday life.  The gift boxes represent the different wishes we have for our less fortunate brothers and sisters, such as food, clothing and education.

With the Llamas Family being in the music and live entertainment industry, interior designers Pamela Tan and Aivan Magno have designed the Christmas Tree to symbolize the vision and image of the family.

The chosen charity is the Philippine Progress Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports our less fortunate brothers and sisters, including street children in the Philippines.

Cruz Family
Reflections of Light
The Cruz Family Christmas Tree is an art installation using recycled perfume bottles in different shapes and sizes.  Mirror is used to create multiple reflections of sparkling blue led lights and an illusion of infinity adorned with silver candelabras as accent.
This was created with the recyclable glass as main inspiration related to the advocacy of the family of caring for the environment.  The family works with love, respect, togetherness and the "bayanihan" spirit of helping each other while being self reliant.

The chosen charity is the Hospicio De San Jose, as a catholic welfare institution, of the poor where the young and elderly coming from diversified and marginalized families and communities find home.

Jacinto Family
Angels of Music
The Jacinto family tree is adorned with Angels with musical instruments using gold decor to signify the richness and opulence of music originating from the classical times (Bach, Mozart, Chopin, etc.).  The inspiration of Rustan's Flower Shop for its decor is RJ's love for music.
The chosen charity is the Makabata School Foundation; located in Pasig.  It gives free education to the poorest of poor street children from prep to high school.  Headed by Maruxa Pita, a member of the Teresian Association (of St. Pedro Poveda College) and a recent Blessed Mother Teresa Awardee.

Yao Family
Giving Time

Christmas is a Time for Giving and sharing, it is also when we take a break from our busy schedules and spare some time to bond with our family and friends.
The Emerson and Lingling Yao Family's chosen charity is World Vision.

Cunanan Family

Childhood memories from a never-ending Travelife
in memory of the late father TYC (1938-2011)

Christine Cunanan's Christmas tree is about travel, and her childhood memories of traveling with the family during the Christmas holidays, on a series of unforgettable adventures to exotic places.  These family Christmas trips sealed her lifelong love for travel.  This Christmas tree is also in memory of her father who passed away last January.  He was a brave soldier, and also a tireless traveler and adventurer.
Chosen charity is the Alay Sa Kawal Foundation, which is a foundation her mother founded in 1989 to raise funds for families of soldiers who have died in the service of the nation.

Aldanese Family

Choc Full of Love
Give chocolates to your loved ones this Christmas, what better way of showing your love this holiday season than to give a sweet part of you... something that everyone would surely love.

Made to resemble Villa de Conte's scrumptious chocolates using recycled materials such as plastic lids, coasters, small plates and wood twigs, and then fashioned into a variety of shapes and sizes, the architectural Christmas tree full of sophisticated goodness is designed and executed by virtual artist Doltz Pilar.

Chosen charity is Emmaus Home for the Crying and Abandoned Aged.

De Venecia Family

Butterflies of Hope
The De Venecia Family Tree is called "Butterflies of Hope".  Butterflies are said to be representations of our departed loved ones and it has become somewhat of a symbol of hope and renewal for the Vera Perez and de Venecia family over the years.  Like the life of a beautiful, passing butterfly, KC's life, as well as that of our other departed loved ones, Daddy Pinggot Perez, Mommy Vera, Lolo Pepito, Lolo Goyito, Lola Casimira and Lolo Pepe de Venecia, Tito Bobby Vera Perez, Tita Boots de Venecia, Tito Tony de Venecia, Tito Gil de Venecia, and Tita Teresing de Venecia, were short yet meaningful.  We honor their memory and their legacy in this butterfly-themed Christmas tree decorated with bright and colorful accents that are symbolic of all the wonderful memories we've shared together.

Our chosen charity is the KC de Venecia Scholarship Foundation.  To date, it has sent over fifty underprivileged students to college in the field of the arts and the sciences.  KC's memory reamins alive through their journeys, and other endeavors like the INA Foundation (Inang Naulila sa Anak) - a support group headed by my mom, Cong, Gina de Venecia for grieving mothers who have lost a child.  It is the reason why our tree stands firmly here today.

Villar Family

Water Hyacinth With 3 Sails, 2011

The Villar Family, with strong familial roots, has been staunch supporters of the cleaning of Philippine waterways.  They have encouraged the use of water hyacinth as raw materials to generate livelihoods opportunities.

The tree is wovenin water hyacinth, meticulously hand-woven by the artisans of S.C. Vizcarra with three sails representing the three Villar children.

The Family will support the Villar Foundation new livelihood project.  Any cash prize that they may receive will be used towards the purchase of the equipment needed for the project.

Carrion Family

God's message of Love & Giving

Christmas around the world is a symbol of love, giving and joy.  Our family's Christmas tree is always centered on the Nativity, as the birth of Jesus Christ symbolizes God's undying love for us.  The angels surrounding the Holy Family symbolizes joy and the mystical nature of Christmas.  The small Christmas Trees that accompany the Nativity scene and the angels symbolizes the giving of gifts whether material or spiritual.

Donations for our Christmas Tree will go towards the building of the Full Charity Clinic and Learning Center for the mothers and young children located in Barangay Cawit, Boac Marinduque.  The blessing and inauguration of the Clinic and the learning center will be held on November 11, 2012.

Dusit Thani's other information:

Address:  Ayala Centre, 1223 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (2) 238-8888
Fax:  +63 (2) 238-8800


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