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Friday, April 20, 2012

Canyon Cove Resort Batangas - Room Accommodation

Canyon Cove Resort Batangas have Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms and Suites to choose from.  We got the Deluxe room fully furnished with a bathroom, flat screen television, mini refrigerator, kettle, electronic safe, bathrobes and slippers.

The deluxe room has a balcony overlooking the sea.  This is anybody's chance to witness how the sky turns to dusk.  A lovely sight to behold.

Canyon Cove Resort's Deluxe room
I know what's in your minds right now.   Why is the bed crumpled?  Right?  That's really amiss in my part because the moment we opened the door our kid rushed into the room and what else was the first thing he did was to try out the bed by jumping from one bed to the other that it was too late for me to stop him.  He only stopped when I shooed him down with the reason to take some pictures first before he can continue his escapade of bed-jumping. =)

Small bed beside the window
This small bed beside the window is perfect for your little ones to sleep in or just to play around on.  The three walls serve as protection for them not to fall off the bed that easily. =)

Desk top, mirror, television, mini refrigerator and closet with electronic safe and bathrobes

Kettle, 2 mugs, 2 wine glasses and 2 complimentary coffee

Mini refrigerator contains 2 complimentary bottled water

Closet, bathroom and the room's door
These three (3) doors are:  Left - the closet door,  Middle - the bathroom door, Right - the deluxe room's door.

This is the one feature that I really don't appreciate.  For one, the closet is too small and narrow for a family to put their clothes in.  And secondly, the table beside it is blocking the closet door making it hard for you to fix or get your clothes.  Maybe because they know most of the guests who take their vacation comes only for a day or two that it really doesn't matter.  But still, I think they could have made it a little bit bigger. =)

Upon entering the bathroom is the lavatory.  The bathroom is very spacious.  It definitely made up for the smallness of the closet.  The whole family can fit in the bathroom and it can save you time.  Each family member can do his or her own thing at the same time.

Water closet
Upon entering the bathroom, the water closet is located on the left side (see picture above); and the shower area is located on the right side (see picture below).

Shower area
Entrance to the balcony

Balcony overlooking the sea
The balcony has this fantastic view of the sea.  The sky changes from this bright hues of white, blue and purple to the darkness of dusk.  It's an amazing feeling specially when you have your love ones beside you.  A simple chat with a glass of champagne would be most romantic.  That's why it always pays to have a positive outlook when having vacations because it would start your whole trip in a bright light that will end giving you that satisfaction of a well worth relaxing trip.

View of the bedroom from outside the balcony

Canyon Cove Resort Batangas:

Address:  Far East Road, Piloto Wawa Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines
Mobile: +632-908-1111

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