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Friday, October 28, 2011

Canyon Woods Residential Resort, Tagaytay Philippines blog

After our lunch at RSM Tagaytay Seafoods Garden Restaurant, we excitedly drive our way to Canyon Woods Residential Resort.  The kids can barely contain their excitement.  The atmosphere inside the car was definitely electric.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance.

Canyon Woods Residential Resort entrance
Canyon Woods Residential Resort is a hotel mountain resort that provides a cool upland environment.  Fresh scent of pine trees gives us a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It offers the cool fresh air that we are so longingly looking for in the city.  It also offers spectacular views like the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake, but you have to find the exact spot to view this because the resort is so vast, sometimes you get lost in it.

It offers various amenities for you to enjoy and choose from.  It has a 9-hole par-34 challenging golf course, fitness gym, indoor heated pool and jacuzzi, outdoor pool, spa and Thai massage room, salon for men and women, indoor courts, bowling center, mini theatre, conference / function rooms, business center, coffee shop and restaurant, clinic, library and gift shop.  Basically a mini community that you don't want to leave the comfort of.  From my experience you will never be able to enjoy all these amenities in a day maybe  just 1 or 2 at the most.  You have to stay longer to be able to really enjoy each and every facilities they offer.

Weaving our way through its well maintained roads, we need to check-in first at the lobby which is a part of the clubhouse.

Main entrance of Canyon Woods Residential Resort lobby
This picturesque pond, a wishing pond of sort greeted us before the lobby's entrance
The resort's facilities directory
Canyon Woods brochure

A preview of the content of Canyon Woods brochure

As we were waiting for our accommodation to be assigned to us,  I was curious with  the Canyon Woods brochure.  As you can see, I couldn't help but bring home the brochure.  I will do another detailed blog about it.  Then finally, we were given our accommodation place.  We are to stay at Fairview.

Canyon Woods - Fairview map
We were given the map to Fairview.  Can't really understand it since it seems not in the map at all. =)  See the white arrow pointing to the neon green "x" on the lower right side of the map?  That's where Fairview is.  Somehow I really wonder how we were able to find it.  =)  Wait for my upcoming blog on Fairview.

Weekend vendors outside the lobby
Weekend vendors greeted us outside the clubhouse lobby.  Where array of local fruits and vegetables and local produce like honey are available for sale.  It was quiet a feast for me.  I love these kind of "farmer's market" type of vendors.  Even though, these vendors are only a few. Maybe 5 or 6 only.  Nevertheless,  I had fun looking around the produce they offer.

Canyon Wood's brief and precise map
So how do you get to Canyon Woods?  Here's a brief and precise map for expert drivers to understand.  Really, between you and me,  I'm one of those amateur drivers that gets lost with this kind of map.  That's why I need someone with much greater know how on road directions to be able to arrive at my destination.  But really, they say that Canyon Woods Residential Resort is just 60 kilometers away from the international airport.  

It is a resort that is near enough, with only a few hours drive ahead of you and yet it makes you feels so far from the noise and grit of Metro Manila.  A destination for busy-stressed-freaked people of the city!

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    2. I read this post before we went there last August, so just want to share our experience in Canyon Woods as well

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