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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Canyon Woods Residential Resort - Clubhouse Swimming Pool, Tagaytay Philippines

Walkway to the indoor swimming pool at the clubhouse
One of the amenities that most of us can't resist to use is the swimming pool.  There's always that calming quality about the water.  Not only does the exercise  good for your body but it always leaves you feeling relaxed afterwards because most of the time sleep comes next after a good swim.

Clubhouse's indoor heated pool and jacuzzi
Let's face it, kids love swimming (most of them, i think =) ).  Even those who's just paddling and waddling around the pool.  Kids love water!  That's goes to show that the indoor pool is packed with people young and old.  Some brought their own floating devices and pool toys.  It was a fun-packed, noisy-filled pool that greeted us.  Nevertheless, everybody enjoyed the activity.

The far side of the pool
Oh before I forget,  they have strict rules before swimming.  You have to wear swimming suits and swimming caps.  The swimming suit is a given.  So I brought my own swimming suit but I didn't bring any swimming caps.  Though it's really no problem because they sell them in the counter, still if you don't want to shed a few extra cash, bring your own swimming caps. =)

What's a swimming pool without it's locker rooms?  I was able to take a shot of the women's locker room.  See photos below.

Men's locker room
Of course, I cannot go inside the men's locker room, but here's the entrance to it.

Women's locker room
The entrance to the women's locker room.

The locker cabinets
The first thing that will greet you are these locker cabinets.  With wooden bench for you to sit on while fixing and organizing your things.

Inside the women's locker room
As you go deeper inside, this is what you will encounter.  The doors on the right are the shower rooms.  On the left, with the wooden stairs, I think is a jacuzzi (see below for the full photo).  On the far left, there are more doors.  They lead to the toilet rooms.  The spaciousness of the women's locker rooms is well designed for the convenience of its guests.

I'm not really sure, but I think this is a jacuzzi.  I never really had the chance to ask any personnel there.  Nobody bothers to use it that day.

I love these amenities.  The indoor swimming pool is just great specially when its windy and raining outside.  It gives you a chance to enjoy swimming even if the weather doesn't permit it.  And oh, love the locker room.  Don't you love it?  It's like you don't want to leave the comforts of it.  This experience will always be something that's worth remembering by.

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