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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vikings Luxury-Buffet (My Food Choices)

Our food choices varies diversely from each other.  That's why while some are satisfied with a particular dish others are not.  Well, my gastronomic food adventure at Vikings was quiet satisfactory.

Here's what pleased my appetite. ;)
Steamed Shrimps and Garlic Butter Crab
Seafood!  What I really went to get first was the steamed shrimps and garlic butter crab at the Chinese cuisine section.  Mostly the garlic butter crab; went to get seconds really.  They ran out pretty fast.  You have to get dirty with your hands to really taste the yumminess of the crab, in my opinion.

Chinese Herbal Soup
Chinese Herbal Soup, I always make it a point to have one.  Chinese herbs are good for the body and it's not an ordinary soup you have daily in your household not unless you always make them.  That's why I grab it when I saw it.

Cream of Brocolli
Wanting to sample another kind of soup, I got my cream of brocolli from the salad and soup station.  This one is really good.  I love the taste.

Dimsums are not really advisable to get when you're preparing you're tummy for a huge variety of meal.  Somehow, you'll not realize that you're already full without tasting other dishes.  Still, can't resist.  Got a few to share, that's the trick!

Counter clockwise from top:  Ginger, Tamago Sashimi (egg), Tako Sashimi (orange octopus), Ika Sashimi (squid), Maki (one variety of which is the California Maki)
Like the dimsums, Japanese maki are also not advisable to get in buffets.  They make you full fast because it is made up of rice.  But what the heck! =)  Just can't resist to try it.  The Tamago Sashimi and the maki didn't really caught my tastebuds by surprise, what did was the Tako Sashimi and Ika Sashimi.  Which are the octopus and squid sashimi repectively.

Truthfully, I like sashimi but stayed away from it for a long time but after trying the Tako and the Ika Sashimi, nobody can stop me from going back for seconds.  My husband and I loved the chewy and clean flavors of the sashimi.  They're both really good.  We loved the ginger too.  =)

From top to bottom:  Seaweed with century egg, Steamed white egg in white sauce and Specialty of the day - Peking Duck
I don't know why but I love seaweeds with century egg, most specially the seaweeds along with black vinegar and hoisin sauce dip.  That's why can't resist to have some of this.  Steamed white egg in white sauce; nothing really fancy just something light to the palate.  And the specialty of the day, Peking duck!  If you would order this in a fine dine restaurant, it would cost you quite an amount of money, to have it offered in a buffet... then why not get it. =)  Although don't really expect too much about the quantity and quality, but it's still quite ok. =)

Spareribs, fried rice, steamed white egg in white sauce and Chinese adobo tokwa with egg
This is my kid's meal if you might wonder.  As you know, buffets are not really advisable for kids because they don't eat that much so I got a meal that'll at least make him full. =)

Angus roast beef and tenderloin with mashed potatoes and truffle sauce
I always liked my steaks medium well because they are soft and juicy at that stage.  I always request "medium well without blood".  I really don't know if that's possible but it came out ok.  I think it's all about the chef cooking it!

Hot pot beef
This is my husband's order to share.  He loves hot pots that's why we have this.  For hot pot lovers, pre-order it; to give them lead time to cook.  Really good if only we were not so full already.

Desserts, a perfect ending to a sumptuously tasty meal.  I'm more of a fruit salad gal, love the sweetness after a full meal.  The cakes and chocolate mousse are nice.  But what I love is their yogurt, though you have to eat it immediately because it melts fast.  Where else can you get umlimited yogurt with your choice of toppings?  Pretty cool huh! =)

Coffee and coffee condiments: creamer, white sugar and muscovado sugar
Lastly, a cup of coffee for that moment of chit chat with your companion after a full meal.  As they say, give the food a chance to digest, but really it's just an excuse to linger a little while longer. ;)

Have your own eating adventure.  Make it fun and worth your while.

Address:  Building B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel:  (02) 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
Cel:  (63)917-565-3888, (63)923-730-3888

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