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Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Asia - A Fusion of Asian Cuisine (Philippines)

Stopping by the Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City; we went in search for a restaurant.  We decided to dine at "Little Asia".
Little Asia Restaurant
Little Asia, a symphony of flavors.  Definitely a fusion of Asian cuisine.  Constantly recognized by their outstanding food, this is one place to dine with your family and friends.

Before we ate at this restaurant, truthfully, I never heard of it until then.  On the contrary, when our companions decided to dine at this restaurant,  I thought I will be vastly disappointed.  Having tried various Chinese restaurants,  and having presumed at the same time that this is a Chinese restaurant; sometimes, your taste gets accustomed to the flavors that a mere difference in the taste can give you satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

So, as we entered the restaurant, I was preparing for an ordinary meal I would never really talk about.  But guess what, Little Asia did prove me wrong.

Little Asia's ceiling
Upon entering the restaurant, this ceiling caught our attention.  These ceiling lights cast soft glow of lights that give you that warm oriental feeling as you dine.  They look like Japanese paper covered lanterns but they're not.  I think they are sheer colored cloths covering the lights.  But you and I can definitely agree, they worked their magic.  Right?

Little Asia's counter and mini bar
Little Asia's interior
Tables outside the restaurant, for guests who wants to dine outside.

Little Asia at Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City doesn't have a big space but the food deserves a huge applause.  I'm not an expert in designs nor food taste so my descriptions are not of an expert but as of an ordinary person observing a place or taste of food.  In my view,  Little Asia's interior designs are mixture of different Asian cultures like Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, and others... that the food in itself is an oriental fusion of different cultures.

So it's a real misconception on my part when I assumed that we will be eating Chinese cuisine.  I'm glad though that it's Asian cuisine we had.

But before we decided on the menu, Little Asia's placemat enumerating it's awards through the years caught my interest.

Little Asia's paper placemat

Little Asia's paper placemat enumerate their awards as follows:
  • No. 1  Asian Fusion Cuisine in the Philippines
    • 2005 National Shoppers' Choice Annual Awards
  • Best Asian Food-Inspired Restaurant
    • 2005 National Product Quality Excellence Awards and the Seal of Product Quality
  • 2005 Most Outstanding Asian Fusion Cuisine
    • 2005 Annual National Consumers Quality and People's Choice Awards
  • Top Asian Restaurant
    • 2005 Brand Champions Award
  • Most Outstanding Asian Restaurant
    • 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards
  • Entrepreneur 10
    • The 10 Most Outstanding Filipino Entrepreneurs of 2005 - Charlemagne Lim
  • Most Outstanding Asian-Inspired Restaurant
    • 2006 Most Admired Companies and Brands in the Philippines
  • Most Outstanding Asian-Cuisine Restaurant
    • 2006 Global Quality Awards for Consumer Excellence
  • Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant
    • 2006 Philippine Brilliance Awards for Products and Services
  • Most Outstanding Authentic All Asian Cuisine
    • 2006 Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence
  • Most Favorite Restaurant of the Year
  • Most Outstanding Asian-Inspired Restaurant
    • 2007 International Quality Awards for Business Performance Excellence
  • Most Outstanding Asian Restaurant
    • 2007 Dangal ng Bayan Awards
  • Most Outstanding Asian-Inspired Restaurant
    • 2006-2007 Asian Star Brand Council
  • Best Asian Restaurant
    • 2007 Pillar Awards for Marketing Excellence
  • Best Managed Asian Food-Inspired Restaurant
    • 2007 International Management Excellence Award
  • Most Outstanding Asian Fusion Restaurant
    • 2008 Pride of the Nation Awards
  • Most Outstanding Asian Specialty Restaurant
    • 2008 Year-Ender Excellence & People's Choice Awards
  • Best Asian Cuisine
    • 2008 Global Awards for Marketing Excellence (Symbol of Agora Excellence)
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur - Charlemagne Lim
    • 2009 Dangal ng Bayan Awards
  • Best Asian Fusion Restaurant
    • 2010 People's Choice Awards
  • Mother Goose Nursery
    • 2004 Best Restaurant (Charlemagne Lim - Top 10 Most Outstanding Alumni)
  • 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Philippines' Best Restaurants Awards
    • Philippines Tatler

Little Asia's Set Menu

With whetted appetites we glanced through the list of set menus.  Though they do have ala carte menu, we decided on the set menus since we were a big group.  Since it's all our first time to try this restaurant, none of us were too adventurous to venture on the upper menu with a much higher price.  All of us decided to settle on "Set D".

Little Asia's Set D Menu
It was already quiet late when we ordered our food so most of us were quiet hungry.  So when the food arrived we delved into them with gusto.  Below are the the photos of the food we ate.  Please pardon my photos,  I think we were too hungry that I only remembered to take some photos after we have eaten them. ;)

Little Asia's Crispy Chicken
The Crispy Chicken which looks like any ordinary chicken you order in any restaurant was very soft and juicy.  The gravy complemented the chicken very well.

Boneless Tilapia w/ Honey-Mayo Sauce
Boneless Tilapia w/ Honey-Mayo Sauce;  sounds kind of puzzling.  The only tilapia I know how to eat is with vinegar dip.  But the honey-mayo sauce works well with the fried tilapia together with its crunchy fried garlic.  The fried garlic really enhanced the taste of the dish.
Squid in Creamy Butter-Milk Sauce
Squid in Creamy Butter-Milk Sauce;  the tender squid combined with the creamy butter-milk sauce gives a melt in your mouth sensation that you want to just continually go on eating.

Spareribs with Thyme in Garlic Sauce
The spareribs with Thyme in Garlic Sauce, is not the usual grilled spareribs we are accustomed to eating.  The thyme combined with the garlic sauce brings out the yummy goodness of the spareribs.  It somehow complemented the taste of the dish.

Surprisingly, the food was very delicious.  You might say, the menu was quiet "sauce" filled, because that was what my first impression of the dishes were.  That it might be too tasty for me.  But in the end,  I ate every drop of morsel that landed on my plate.

Now, don't you wonder?  If this Set D is delicious, what more would the Emperor Set taste like?  We wouldn't know would we, until we taste it. =)  May your experience, if you decide to try, be as enjoyable and fulfilling as ours were! =)

Little Asia (Taguig City)
Address:  The Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Telefax:  (02) 798-0354

Other branches:
Little Asia (Quezon City)
Address:  195-B Tomas Morato Avenue, Cor. Sct. Fuentebella St., Quezon City
Tel# :  (02) 373-0609
Telefax:  (02) 410-4937

Little Asia (Greenhills)
Address:  2nd Level Promenade Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel# :  (02) 727-5265
Telefax:  (02) 727-5785

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