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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dusit Thani Manila - Recreation (Devarana Spa)

Dusit Thani Manila offers two of Asia's best recreational facilities, they are Devarana Spa and DFit Fitness Centre.  Devarana Spa, a "heaven for spa lovers"; offers a peaceful tranquil sanctuary of anti-stress and relaxation.

"Leave the world behind and take a journey
to discover the beauty of taking time
to nourish your body, relax your mind
and renew your spirit."
 a quote from Dusit Thani Manila's book magazine

Devarana Spa Logo

Entrance to Devarana Spa
It was this elegance that piqued my curiosity.  We really have no intention to even take a peek inside this spa.  But while lounging on the sofas just outside the spa; the purity, tranquility, peace and relaxing aura of the place exudes upon us, that I just said why not go inside and take a look. =)

It was a pity that I cannot take a shot of the place inside, but the pristine walls and the quietness of the place makes one feel that you will not be disappointed by what's to happen if you avail of their packages.  That the money you spend will be well worth it. ;)

No, I did not avail of any packages but I would really love to if I can.  But maybe I hope next time.  So, to all you spa lovers and those willing to spend some, for that heavenly spa, try this one out.  See my blog on Devarana Spa's packages prices.

To have a more clearer view of the features of Devarana Spa.  I made it a point to include the brochure of Devarana Spa.

Below, is the Devarana Spa's brochure.

Devarana Spa Philippines Brochure - "Heaven for Spa Lovers"

Welcome to Devarana Spa... Heaven for Spa Lovers

Devarana, Garden in heaven
Devarana is a Sanskrit word meaning "garden in heaven" that was inspired by the Thai ancient literature, "Traibhumikatha," and written by Phraya Lithai of Sukhothai Dynasty in 1345 AD.  Devarana Spa follows this timeless concept, opening doors into a whole new world of tranquility.  Our staff, trained in the ancient art of massage, will ensure your experience is nothing less than what this Garden in Heaven seeks to be - heavenly.

Pure relaxation
Devarana Spa was created to offer outstanding spa services within an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation in its very own healing garden of heaven, emphasizing pampering and wellness, "East meets West," Thai health and beauty practices sourced from age-old therapies and updated with modern knowledge to pamper and revitalize guests.

Balance of body, mind and spirit
Taking inspiration from the concept of Garden in Heaven, the environment at Devarana is one of pure relaxation.  The interior features contemporary Thai design framed by 14th Century Thai arches, exotic opium beds and a gently flowing water pond to create an oasis of calm.  Classical Thai music and atmosphere lighting accompanies you to a more serene world.


Devarana is refreshingly different with emphasis on simplicity and elegance.  The unique soothing ambiance of our spa produces a balance of body, mind and spirit designed to create a whole new you.  It's a time to forget the stresses of everyday living and discover a world at one with your needs.

Private sanctuary
Devarana's sumptuous treatment rooms take you to the joyous inner sanctum.  Each suite is ever so gently soothed by shaded natural light and warm color scheme that's sheer heaven as you ease onto the comfortable bed.  Or soak in the rich and aromatic bath of milk and roses and enjoy the sublime, sensual experience.  En suite bathrooms provide that added touch of convenience and privacy.

Treatments and Programs
Devarana Spa features a superb variety of pampering treatments, including massages, facials, body treatments, water treatments, beauty treatments as well as exclusive packages, using high-quality natural products to polish, nourish and rejuvenate.  Wonderful spa experiences can last from just 30 minutes to a few hours for a more complete rejuvenation experience.
Heaven recipe
Devarana's own proprietary made products are constantly renewed to offer an extensive and updated selection.  All products are designed to inspire relaxation and beauty as well as practicality.  Among our inspirational range of spa products are spa baths, spa apparel, heaven scents, unique essential oil blends and Devarana Thai Classical music collection, exclusively arranged and recorded for Devarana Spa.

Devarana Spa website

Devarana Spa locations all over the world:

Devarana Spa, Bangkok
Tel:  +66 (0) 2636-3596

Devarana Spa, Pattaya
Tel:  +66 (0) 3837-1044

Devarana Spa, Hua Hin
Tel:  +66 (0) 3244-2494
Devarana Spa, Chiang Mai
Tel:  +66 (0) 5325-2511
Devarana Spa, Manila
Tel:  +63 (2) 818-7081
There's one thing I really can say, if you have the means to enjoy this luxurious pampering of yourself then why not?  Of course it comes with a price. ;)  But if I would have the chance to try this; of course if I can afford it,  I really would.  But to those who can I think it's really worth a try.
See me next blog on the prices of their spa packages. 
Please take note that all information are copied on the Devarana Spa's brochure and I (blogger's best) claims no credit for it.  Changes on information and feature are up to Devarana Spa.  This blog is solely for information and for readers to enjoy. =)

Dusit Thani's other information:

Address:  Ayala Centre, 1223 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (2) 238-8888
Fax:  +63 (2) 238-8800



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