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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vikings Luxury-Buffet: Food Feast blog

When the feeling of "hotel-ambiance" subsided, we settled ourselves in our designated seats and try to ponder where to start our food adventure.  Usually the first thing we go to is what our eyes first saw when we entered.  So it's no wonder  that our first impulse was to go to the two long tables in the middle of the restaurant.

Appetizers, salads and European dishes
The two long tables let you choose from assortments of dishes.  The table with the viking's metal helmet are for those who want to start off their meal with salad appetizers.  You can make your own or just sample salads they offer, from their Waldorf salad to their pomelo or mango salad and alot more.  All palate teasers.  Pick your choice.

The table with the ship's bow or front of the ship design offers a mixture of European and Chinese dishes and maybe others that I wasn't really able to take noticed of.  From appetizers of crackers with different kinds of cheese to the chinese cold cuts of jelly fish and century eggs.  You can also choose from their wide array of dishes.  From their different kinds of rice to their dishes of lengua and pastas.  All for you to decide.

You might wonder why I only mentioned a few dishes to start with,  truthfully they were all that I can remember on this side of arrayment.  Which means I only sampled a few dishes here.  But there are alot more for those who lean more into the European dishes.  This is only giving you a birds eyeview of what's more to discover.

Japanese and Chinese cuisine
On one corner, there's a section for Japanese and Chinese cuisine.  I have to really apologize for the lack of pictures because this is where I mostly indulged myself.  I think in the process I neglected to take some photos.  Japanese cuisine includes sushi, sashimi and maki.  For those temaki lovers like me, nope, unfortunately like most buffet they don't offer temaki.  But I always ask the chef if they do make one, just in case.  But as always they have the same answer, they don't make temaki.  Shucks!

Different kind of Japanese maki
Just further on the left are the hot pots (need to pre-order to give them lead time to prepare this dish for you),  Hongkong style street foods (my own term), steamed shrimps and garlic butter crabs.  This is also the section where you order your oysters be it fresh or baked.

Hot pots: hot pot beef, seafood hot pot and hot pot pork
Hongkong style street food like squid balls, fish balls and others
Just facing this side of the counter is the Chinese cuisine.  Ranging from dimsums, Chinese herbal soups and Chinese dishes.  If you're lucky and they are serving Peking duck, then grab the chance!

European, Italian and Filipino cuisine 
On the other far corner, a mixture of European, Italian and Filipino cuisine enticed every diners.  This section have the most line of people specially the counter that offers tenderloin steak, lamb and lechon commonly known as suckling pig or roasted pig. 

Lechon, Tenderloin and Roast leg of lamb
For those who have preference on how their steaks are done; all your fears are resolved for there's a chef who cooked them to the way you like it.  All you need to do is request for it.  For me, I like my steak medium well.

Chef cooking your steaks to perfection
A wide selection of sauces for your steaks are available for you to choose from.  My personal favorite is the truffle sauce.

Sauce selection includes: Red Wine Gravy, Mint Sauce, Apricot Sauce, Onion Sauce, Liver Sauce, Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Truffle Sauce
My personal favorite - Truffle Sauce

Also on this station, there's a wide variety of grilled items for you to choose from.  They also have fresh seafoods available for grilling.  Not really my favorite in a buffet so I always skipped this section.  But if I'm craving for grilled food,  I always go for grilled squid. =)

Grilled dishes
Fresh seafoods available for grilling among others are Lumot Squid, Squid Tentacle and Salmon Belly

On one side of this station are the fish and chips, and if I'm not mistaken; pizzas and pastas too.  My palate while dining in a buffet mostly lean towards the seafood and steaks, only when my tummy has room for more that's the only time I go to this section.

Fish and Chips, Calamari and Onion Rings

Dessert Section
One of the most awaited endings in any meals are the desserts.  And boy, they do have a wide variety of delicacies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, fruits and other sweets to end the meal perfectly.  You can just imagine how sweet lovers love this section. 

Filipino Delicacies
Cakes and pastries
Unlimited ice cream
Unlimited frozen yogurt on the yogurt machine

Unlimited Drinks
Where else can you have unlimited drinks of juices not to mention unlimited drinks of San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen?  Sounds amazing right?  You bet its true. Then after you can have cups of coffee if you still need your caffaine fix for the day.  Still unlimited. =)  Don't think we can get this in any hotel buffet, so grab the chance and enjoy this unlimited offer!

Unlimited Variety of Juices
Coffee machine and Draft beer dispenser for your unlimited coffee and draft beer
Beer dispenser -  check how you tilt your beer mugs so that beer foam won't overflow!
Viking's buffet price / rate as of November of 2011

Such gastronomic delights would not only appeal to our sense of sight but to our sense of taste also.  Happy eating everyone.

Address:  Building B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel:  (02) 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
Cel:  (63)917-565-3888, (63)923-730-3888

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