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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vikings Luxury-Buffet: A Buffet for Adventurous Eaters (Area Design)

Vikings Luxury-Buffet: A Buffet for Adventurous Eaters.  "A Buffet for Adventurous Eaters", I came up with this title because my husband and I are adventurous eaters even before we got married.  We love to sample something new specially when we hear fave reviews or praises from words of mouth.  Although having a family, trimmed our adventures from 100% to just 10% (I know... so sad right?), but with family responsibilities it gets harder to just think about ourselves only.  So when a good friend told us about Vikings, we decided to set time and find out what's the "talk" all about.  We decided to eat on November of 2011.

It was a fulfilling eating adventure that we had.  So I thought, I will start my blog by saying that not all palates are the same.  I prefer to call myself a "happy eater".  I try to see the positive side of the food first before taking in the bad.  So if most of my blogs are about good reviews please forgive my blog for this is a blog of a non-expert person about food who just want to enjoy life and love life with the food that goes with it. =)

Viking's logo
The Viking's logo welcoming food adventurers may they be connoisseur on the field or just normal people who want to enjoy good food and good ambiance.

Viking's philosophy is derived from the long and elaborate Scandinavian feasts of big and burly Norsemen of centuries past that is enjoyed in the medieval era.  Basically, for us laymen, it tells us to "eat like a king". =)  Enjoying sumptuous and abundant meal to your hearts desire.

Viking's did first opened its doors during the first half of 2011.  So, it's  just beginning to acquire it's customers through words of mouth and through the internet.  But even for a fairly new restaurant, the bevy of eaters that go through their doors are mind blowing.  It's understood that during the weekends it's packed but even on weekdays?  That's really mind blogging.

Let's enjoy Viking's interior before we venture to their sumptuous array of food.

Salad and soup station

Chinese and European dishes and cold cuts

End view of both long tables

Viking seats

Seats viewing Manila Bay

Above ceiling lights amidst all the diners

Beyond, a partitioned room seats; also for diners to occupy.

Lamp-like lights ceiling decor

Viking's paper placemat
The first time I did enter the restaurant, I really like the hotel-ambiance it offers.  The well airconditioned area, decor, chairs, furnitures and well-placed dishes all transport you to that luxurious feeling you have everytime you enter a classy hotel.  It's a warm feeling knowing that you get the hotel-ambiance in just a buffet restaurant.

Truthfully, of course not all food will satisfy our taste.  When eating we do have our preferences of what to eat and what not to eat.  Some go for salads first, or cold cuts or pastas or soups.  Whatever you choose first, the satisfaction differs.  Maybe the food we chose somewhat satisfied us so I really have no complains.  But no matter what, always eat with an open heart and a happy view; the food taste way much better that way. =)

I decided to do separate blogs on the food itself and our own choices if any of you are wondering.  I think they deserve their own blogs.  See you there. =)

Address:  Building B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel:  (02) 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
Cel:  (63)917-565-3888, (63)923-730-3888

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