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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Astoria Plaza - Room Accommodation

Astoria Plaza's front desk and lobby

Astoria Plaza, dubbed themselves as a "full service residential suites".  Situated in the heart of Ortigas Business District, it is a new standard in urban living with all the space and comfort of home combined with the convenience of a hotel.

Truly,  I find this description apt with this hotel.  Whereas, hotels whether 5-star or not only offers you a bed, bathroom, the usual room amenities like the television and refrigerator, and of course the view of the place where you're staying;  Astoria Plaza gives you the comfort of a condominium home with of course the service of a hotel.  Amazing right?  Never knew we have a hotel like this in the city! =)


Astoria Plaza is located within the commercial and business district of Ortigas Center, it is less than 7 kilometers drive from the Makati Central Business District and less than 15 kilometers from both domestic and international airports.  The hotel is centrally located within short distance to top corporations, academic institutions, shopping malls, entertainment and sport facilities.

Astoria Plaza's lobby elevators

Our stay here was an invitation by a relative to stay with them at this hotel.  So, we didn't really fuss about checking-in at the front desk because it was all taken cared of.  So excitedly, we ride the elevator.

The elevator floor buttons

Thirty fifth (35th) floors huh?  We were assigned on the twenty fourth (24th) floor.  On the 24th floor, the elevator opens to a well-lit hallway with modern photographs of simple things in life. 

The hallway's gallery of photos

The well-lit hallway


Room accommodations are from a minimum of 60 sq. meters to a maximum of 130 sq. meters.  Astoria has 122 spacious de luxe rooms, one and two-bedroom suites to give the guests the freedom to enjoy the living space separate from the workspace.  The suites boasts of German-technology electronic door lock system, audio video entry phone, cable television, electronic safe and in-suite dining.  Other amenities includes IDD/NDD facilities, complimentary data port and WiFi access, also CCTV security cameras in all floors. 

I didn't really know the exact size of our room but we got the one bedroom suite.  Though I'm sorry to say, I wasn't able to try the WiFi access.  I think the lot of us were too pre-occupied on what to do on such a short stay at the hotel.  Since the lot of us are going to leave the hotel early the next morning.  Wasn't really able to fully enjoy our stay but nevertheless my kid enjoyed it.  It's more of a condotel to be exact, I think we could have maximized our stay if we stayed two to three days longer.  But alas, our daily responsibilities prevent us from doing so.

The room consists of a dining area, living area, kitchen and a bedroom.  More of a condominium unit for couples starting their life together.

Below are the photos of our room accommodation.

Our room's door

The first thing that you will encounter after opening the door is the dining area.  A glass dining table with four (4) chairs.  The huge mirror accentuates the size of the room making it look bigger than it should be.

Dining area

Just adjacent the dining area is the living area.  Complete with a table, television set, telephone and air conditioner.  The green sofa is a makeshift sofa and bed. 

Living area

Beside the dining area is the kitchen area.  The kitchen area is complete with cupboards including pots and pans to accommodate your cooking needs.  The kitchen also has a refrigerator for your frozen goods.  This is really ideal when you plan to stay longer and plan to cook your meals.  The kitchen comes with a complimentary dish washing liquid and sponge; also four (4) complimentary bottled drinking water.

kitchen area

On the other side, a door is located in between the dining and living area; this door leads to the master bedroom or the only bedroom in the unit.  The bedroom is what any couple would ever dream of in an ideal home.  Clean, uncluttered and perfectly furnished.  To sum it up, picture perfect!  Which is of course a far cry in real life specially when you have a kid or kids for that matter.  So it's a big welcome to stay in such a nice place like this if you know what I mean. =)

The bedroom - we chose the twin beds instead of one single bed to accommodate the lot of us.

Facing the beds are the television, drawers, dressing table and mirror

Bedroom's bathroom
Bathroom's lavatory which includes a built-in hairdryer

Bathroom's bathtub and shower

Cabinet just beside the bathroom

We asked for an extra bed to accommodate some of us because we were quiet a bunch for a group.  Of course there's an extra charge for the bed.

The extra bed which occupies a part of the dining area

The main door to our unit.  On the right is a glimpse of the kitchen and on the left a glimpse of the dining area chair.

The art inside out unit

The floor plan from 4th - 24th floor

Other services and facilities we've tried out are the Cafe Astoria Restaurant and bar, outdoor swimming pool with separate children's pool and six (6) levels of basement parking (valet).  Please watch out for my next blogs on these. =)  See you there guys!

Astoria Plaza:
Address:  15 J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Business District Pasig City, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (2) 687-1111
Fax:  +63 (2) 910-0370

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  4. Hi! Ilan po kayo na nagstay?

    1. @Joyce,
      I really have a lot of saying sorrys to do. For its been quite awhile since I opened my blog.
      We were quiet a lot. I think it was six adults and 2 kids. But we didn't go in at the same time if you know what I mean. But I think only 2 adults and 2 kids can use the pool if I'm not mistaken. Please verify the pax that can use the pool. Thanks for reading my blog. =)

  5. Hi!
    Nice review for Astoria Ortigas!
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