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Friday, February 17, 2012

Astoria Plaza - Outdoor Swimming Pool and Basement Parking

Every time we have this special stay at a hotel, my child would always get ready for that awaited dip at the pool.  So of course we tried the swimming pool at Astoria Plaza.

Outdoor Swimming Pool and Children's Pool

Adult Pool
Slightly visible farther down is the children's pool
chairs for that lazy lounging under the sun

And you know what guys?  Another facility that I love is their six (6) levels of basement parking.

Basement Parking

Although I'm a fairly good driver (this is in my opinion only) for a lady, I always have this skepticism every time I'm going to enter a parking area. Parking areas are like extraordinary driveways for cars.  Why? sometimes they surprise you with steep inclines going up or going down.  If not that, they make you work your talent in maneuvering a narrow turn.  Not to mention a narrow parking space when you reach the parking level.  But if your lucky enough, all goes smoothly with that spacious way for your car and that perfect turn where you don't need to think anymore. 

What can I say? It's like that "box of chocolate" in that "Forrest Gump" movie.  Parking areas are like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're gonna get!

Amazingly, Astoria Plaza's parking is one of those parking that won't let you think how to smoothly glide your car without a hitch.  They provide you with wide two-way space for cars coming in and going out.  And what I love most is the very slight elevation of pathways on every level.  No need to bring your car to a hard push for that steep incline but just glide smoothly along each levels.  Just fell in love with it!  Even if the parking spaces were uneven, some spacious some a bit narrow that didn't deter me from liking their parking.  If all parking areas were like this! =)

Parking area
Can't hardly notice the slight elevation on the driveway.

Parking level's elevators

This part of my experience was well worth it.  My kid loved the pool and I loved the parking area.  Quite a nice exchange don't you think? =)

Astoria Plaza:
Address:  15 J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Business District Pasig City, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (2) 687-1111
Fax:  +63 (2) 910-0370

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