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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Lucban Quezon, Philippines blog

After we have been enriched by our spiritual journey at "Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center", we now have the need to satisfy our physical hunger.  And so the journey for food quest began.  Then finally, we reached our final destination for "food enrichment" =)... at the "Kamayan sa Palaisdaan".

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan can be described as a floating restaurant because the restaurant is surrounded by water, almost like a pond all around.  You can choose your nipa hut to dine in.  And the nipa huts are connected by bamboo rafts tied to each other as your walkway.  Truthfully, I under estimated the vastness of the restaurant.  As we walk along the bamboo walkway to find our nipa hut, we were greeted by people occupying each nipa hut we entered.  Of course, we chose the best time to experience dining here, that is during the Holy Week, and hohoho... what do you think greeted us?  A queue of people, just like us, wanting to satisfy our hunger.  So the journey of finding our nipa hut began as we trek the bamboo pathways.

It seems like the bamboo pathways were never ending, for each time we reached one, it was already occupied.  I almost thought we are going to go back on the road with empty stomaches to accompany us.  But you know what, we finally found a place to have our lunch.

Our nipa hut greeted us with these decorative ceiling ornaments.  Despite the fact that it was a very hot summer day,  the nipa hut seemed to provide us with the coolness we desperately need.  And so we sat and anticipated our food.

After what quiet seemed likes hours and hours of waiting.  We finally received our most awaited food.  A typical classic Filipino recipe of "lutong bahay" or "home cooked meals".  Yummy and scrumptious.  The one you keep going back to from time to time.

Our only regret was the fact that the food took a very long time to get served.  And we had our answer when the waiter told us that they were short of staff.  And with the onset of customers that keep coming they were really overwhlemed.  Maybe this dining experience is best experienced during off season.

Oh, and one more thing, there's one delicacy you should really try.  It's the cassava pilipit or "squash pilipit".  It looks like a sticky golden doughnut.  And it's not part of the restaurant's menu but there's a "manong" as we call him (vendor), who wanders around each hut selling this delicacy.  If by any chance you see him, buy some and I'm sure it will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you have.  So deliciously good!  You cannot find it anywhere in any city only here!  And its best eaten on the spot.  It hardens overnight.

Enjoy! enjoy!

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