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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Liliw, Laguna Philippines blog

We had our iterinary all planned out for us.  My relative made sure of that.  Initially the iterinary only included going to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center for our Holy Week meditation and Kamayan sa Palaisdaan for lunch.  The plan afterwards was to go back home and have our rest for the day.  But I really couldn't resist but ask one last request.  And that is to pass by Liliw, Laguna for my "tsinelas" (slippers) shopping spree.  I guess I got my request because we did, albeit the time constrains because it was very late in the afternoon already.

I had already visited Liliw once and was not very satisfied with my findings, because I was not able to fulfill the cravings of my heart for that perfect slippers that I can bring back home.  Also I did not know what to expect the first time, so you'll just guess how excited I really was when we arrived at the first stores along the road.

These are the first stores that will welcome you when you arrive at Liliw.  Browse through them, have your pick, if you really like it haggle then decide to buy or not.  Sometimes other stores have it and sometimes they don't specially the unique ones.  But you can always come back when you cann't decide.  Though you'll have the risk of coming back for it then finding out it's sold already.  Sometimes its a matter of luck really.

 Don't stay too long on these stores, go up because there are lots more waiting as you go along.  Just look at all these bargains... shoes, slippers, sandals, thongs, flats, pumps... they come in all sorts, it's really basically a haven for women who loves to pamper their feet!  And at great prices too.  A thousand (P 1,000.00) pesos goes along way.  You can buy 2-3 pairs of fancy sandals at about P250.00 - P400.00 each; if you're lucky, even lower.  If its those buy for 3 bargains, oh ho ho, you can buy 3pairs for P100.00.  And its really a good "pasalubong" (gift) for your family and friends.

Up along, we find this huge sandal that is displayed in one of the store.  Oh the kids really loved playing with it.  I think the sandal can fit a lady giant's foot!! =)

They have these huge banners everywhere informing everybody about Liliw's Tsinelas Festival.  We didn't really go back to join this festivity but it would be a really good notation incase anyone wants to plan a short trip to Liliw next year.

This is my great find for the day. A "Monobo" soft slippers!  Oh love love love it!!!  I'm really easy to please.  Some of you might find this really shallow of me but these pair really left a soft spot inside me.  I really don't know why I kept smiling everytime I see it.

These stores is what you will expect as you go up along this street in Liliw, rustic looking.  That's why we were really amazed to find a store that's modern looking not only in name and feature, it also has airconditioning.

This is the last store we looked into, Entrada.  At first, we were a little bit skeptical about the price of the footwears.  But I bought my 3pairs for P100.00 here.  Though I weren't able to really scan through most of the shoes they offer because we were a little bit press for time, but judging at the people milling inside the store,  my guess is, the prices might be just the same. =)  And with the comforts of airconditioning too.

Unlike us, if you have the time, do visit "Arabela's" restaurant.  Famous for their scrumptious pizza, pasta and pastries.  Just walking distance, do try out this place,  the first time we went to Liliw, we had the chance to eat there and oh, we were definitely satisfied.  The place is packed and I mean packed with people queueing just to get a seat.  So go in line early!  And you'll be treated with gourmet dishes that will keep you coming back to Liliw again and again.

After a long day of fun and adventure,  we were finally on our way home.  It was quiet a fulfilling day, and a longing to come back for more in the near future. =)


  1. tAGA LAGUNA PO KAMI BUT STILL HINDI PA AKO NAKAKAPUNTA SA lILIW GORABELLS NA TO! next stop... this place tara na! I'm still looking for best place to stay in manila

  2. This is great! thanks for sharing. I just want to share a catering in Laguna. Have a safe trip!