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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Experience Hongkong All Over Again (2011)

I can remember clearly when I first went to Hongkong in the late 80's.  A bunch of us relatives went there for a much awaited family trip vacation.  We were of course, all filled with excitement and anticipation.

The late 80's was the time when Philippines was just starting to have its first big mall.  Before that, the only recreation we have was to sit at home and watch some show on the television.  Or if you want to take a walk, the park or plaza is the nearest place you can think of.  So when you say "Hongkong", the next thing you can think of aside from all the shopping you enjoy there is "Ocean Park".  At the time, my feelings is that "Hongkong" coincides with "Ocean Park".

But now, it's a totally different scenario.  When you say "Hongkong", the most that people would say next is "Disneyland".  It's almost synonymous with each other already.  Although "Ocean Park" still has its niche, "Disneyland" would be the topmost in everyone's mind.  I would really say that opening this themed park 5 years ago was a brilliant part by Walt Disney.  He reached out a market that loves and craves for this much awaited tourist attraction.

So revisiting Hongkong one more time, with a different goal and companions - this time with my kid and my immediate family, builds the anticipation to its peak.  The fact that its "Disneyland" and with my kid is all the more sweeter!

We went in the month of March 2011.  It was a 4 day, 3 night iterenary.  Having a toddler with us, we decided to cancel the shopping iterenary, which I think was a wise decision even if we were all so sadened with the idea.

Our iterenary includes:

1st day

2nd day
  • transfer to Express by Holiday Inn Hotel

3rd day

4th day
  • Half day free
  • After lunch waiting for our bus to drive us to the airport

It was a fairly quiet simple iterenary.  But we lavish in every moment that we encounter.  A journey this enjoyable is much more cherished when we have our love ones beside us especially when we see the grins forming in our child's lips.  All the discomfort and difficulties of travelling just melts away when we see them that happy.

Live it! Love it! Hongkong!

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