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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hong Kong: Ocean Park - The Grand Aquarium

The day at Hong Kong Ocean Park was almost at its end.  We passed by this huge dome with octopus-like-tentacles design surrounding it.  Curious, we decided to have our last stop here before heading home.  We ride up the escalator and found "The Grand Aquarium".

The Grand Aquarium

Upon entering the Grand Aquarium, at first I really didn't make out what this is.  But after awhile I realized it's like a big pond or the aquarium itself for these sea creatures.  Amazing how they made this and maintain it so excellently!

The big pond or the huge aquarium thus the name Grand Aquarium

Inside the Grand Aquarium are huge sculptures of these sea creatures.  Can't help but ponder how long the artist made this. =)

Huge sculptures

 Here are some of the sea creatures that you are going to see and discover...

Is it Nemo?  The clown fish? =)

The Great Sea Star or the Stars of the Sea
The caption says:
The Sea stars of the ocean are famed for their distinctive shape, bright colours and the capability of growing back their limbs!  In some extreme cases, sea stars can grow back a whole new body from a limb!  Scientists are studying their limb regeneration to see if it can apply to humans! ;)

 Here are some of the actual photos taken of the sea stars...

You can actually touch these sea stars, if you are brave enough.  These sea stars are inside a different shallow pond.

One of the fascinating creatures of the sea is the octopus!

While walking and watching at all these fascinating creatures,  the Grand Aquarium made sure that the little kiddies won't be left out.  They have their own Kid's Discovery Tunnel! =)

The Grand Aquarium's Kid's Discovery Tunnel

Here are some of what we have discovered inside the tunnel.  Sort of a continuation  of  what's outside the tunnel.

These lovely corrals are pleasing to the eyes.

This Giant Octopus just can't help to show itself up among the corrals

Here come the Giant Crab!

What amazes me are the seahorses.  Do you know there are different types?

The caption says:
Seahorses are unusual fish!  Often a symbol of love, they pair up and stay together all their lives!  These peaceful and charming creatures have amazed the world, but they are also prized for use in traditional medicines, as pets and as decorations.  Don't consume seahorses!  It is the only way we can continue to enjoy this symbol of love.

I have this particular seahorse that so amazed me that I want you guys to see for yourself why it amazes me so.

Normal sea weeds?

Look again!  Now can you see?  How many are there?

Amazing species of seahorses, aren't they? =)

Finally, at the bottom of the aquarium, we can see how some of these big sea creatures move under water.

And what else do you think we saw?  The shark! =)

The Shark

The aquarium is really huge that if you are to pry each creature one by one, you'll take hours and hours before you'll be able to finish.  But if you are a nature or sea lover,  I think this place is a haven of sort for you. =)

Whatever our interest maybe.  Hope this blog find you smiling 'till the end.  It's a fun fishy experience indeed! =)

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