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Monday, March 5, 2012

Casa Roces Malacañan's Food Menu

Casa Roces Malacañan's food menu is all about Filipino food made luxurious! =)  Every meal that we usually take for granted and ordinarily cooked in our own homes are served in a way that is served in fine dine restaurants... pleasing to the eyes and to our taste.

As Philippines have been colonized by countries before, that goes to say that the food in itself is influenced by these countries; thus we made our own unique flavors through these.  Still, the hint of Spanish, Western and Chinese influences are seen and will always be a part of our Filipino cuisine.

Kape Chino
Casa Roces Malacañan's food menu under Kape Chino

Kape Chino Menu
Merienda Fare
Breakfast Menu
Hot Coffee
Cold Coffee

Appetizers, Salad and Soup


Bacalao Caviar Pate          P425.00
Warm creamy salt cod and potato pate topped with black caviar and served with warm baguette

Choritos En Balsamico          P295.00
Crispy fried Spanish pork sausages drizzled with balsamic syrup

Mussels Ala Roces              P355.00
Chilled lemon and olive oil-dressed mussel salad with chili and arugula


Crispy Lengua Caesar Salad          P145.00
Classic salad of romaine lettuce, garlic anchovy dressing topped with crunchy deep fried ox tongue croutons

Marinated Artichoke Salad             P160.00
Chilled salad of hearts of artichoke, pimientos, olives and cherry tomatoes with rustic balsamic-olive oil vinaigrette 

Warm Breaded Goat Cheese Salad            P195.00
Pan-fried goat cheese with rocket and salad mesclun


Sopa Molo Castiliana                     P185.00
A rich garlic soup with pork dumplings, poached egg and parsley

Onion Soup Gratin                         P125.00
Sweet onions in a flavorful broth topped with gruyere caramelized crouton

Truffle Mushroom Puree                  P190.00
A delicious thick mushroom soup from fresh mushrooms

Cafe Amapola Nostalgia                   P95.00
Creamy carrot and potato puree topped with crispy potato allumette



Lengua in Mushroom-Cognac Sauce          P330.00
Fork tender sliced braised ox tongue in a mushroom cream sauce

Callos Ala Abolita                       P260.00
Soft tripe stew with chorizos and chick peas

Ox Tail Kare-Kare                   P240.00 
Braised ox tail in peanut sauce with vegetables and sauteed shrimp paste

Bulalo Steak Ala Pobre             P285.00
Pan-seared tender beef shank topped with fried garlic

Visayan Chicken Inasal              P245.00
Grilled lemongrass-flavored chicken quarters with annatto oil

Grilled Pork Ribs                      P235.00 
Barbecued marinated pork belly

Pork Belly Humba                  P245.00
Softened pork belly stew with soy, peanuts and fermented black beans

Pork Stew Binagoongan            P265.00
Crunchy pork belly over sauteed shrimp paste

Pinakbet with Vigan Bagnet             P195.00
Stewed vegetables in a fermented fish-flavored broth topped with crunchy pork

Bouillabaise de la Casa Roces              P210.00
Seafood stew in a rich tomato broth

Pan-Fried Sole Ala Beure Noisette            P220.00
Pan-fried sole fillets with butter and capers

Oven-Baked Salmon Wellington               P380.00
Boursin cheese and salmon baked in a rich pastry crust with a spinach lemon cream sauce

Baked Vegetables Provencale               P340.00
Stewed provencale vegetables in a crisp phyllo crust with a mushroom soy milk reduction

Pasta, Sandwiches and Savory


Fettuccine with Bleu Cheese and Roasted Mushrooms          P185.00
Bleu cheese and sliced mushrooms on top of creamy fettuccine

Fideos with Spanish Chorizo Ala Diablo                       P255.00
Spanish-inspired pasta dish of sliced chorizo and paprika

Spaghettini Gambas Ala Jillo                   P195.00 
Sauteed shrimps and garlic on top of angel hair pasta


Casa Roces Club          P245.00
Double-decker ciabatta sandwich with layers of bacon, cheese, chicken inasal, tomatoes and cucumber

Ham and Cheese Sandwich          P240.00
Classic ham and cheese ciabatta sandwich with mushrooms

Gourmet Tapa Sandwich          P235.00
Beef tenderloin tapa with tomatoes and egg in ciabatta


Vigan Longganisa Empanada          P115.00
The Ilocano's staple Vigan Longganisa enclosed in a flaky crust

Tuna Mushroom Turnover          P75.00
Pastry filled with a rich and creamy tuna filling with bits of mushrooms

Ensaymada          P65.00
A classic Filipino favorite
Soft bread, mainly of Spanish influence, generously topped with cheese

Merienda Fare and Breakfast Menu

Merienda Fare

Pancit Palabok          P195.00
Rice noodles with savory shrimp sauce, smoked fish flakes and pork cracklings

Pancit Bam-I            P175.00
Sauteed fresh miki noodles with chicken, shrimps and Chinese chorizos

Guinataang Halo-Halo            P95.00 
Flavorful porridge of glutinous rice balls and fresh, sweetened fruits in coconut

Tokwa't Baboy          P165.00
Softened pork and crispy fried and tofu meets in a piquant sauce of soy and vinegar

Dinuguan at Puto            P145.00
Native pork stew served with warmed rice cakes

Arroz Caldo            P95.00 
Savory chicken and rice porridge served with garlic flakes, egg and spring onions

Pan de Sal with:          P220.00
Kesong puti, hamon and Spanish sardines

Turon Ala Mode            P125.00
Fried banana rolls filled with ube jam and served with a caramel langka sauce and ice cream

Fried Suman with Mango Sauce and Spanish Chocolate            P230.00 
Pan-fried rice cakes served with puree of mangoes and thick, hot chocolate

Longganisa Tuguegarao          P195.00
Crispy pan-fried native pork sausages served with egg any style and toasted pan de sal or rice

Tinapang Bangus            P195.00
Smoked milk fish fried and served with egg any style and plain or garlic rice

Chicken-Pork Adobo         P175.00
Soy stewed chicken and pork served with egg any style and toasted pan de sal or rice

Beef Tapa           P175.00
Fried marinated beef strips served with egg any style and plain or garlic rice

Bacon and Eggs         P165.00
Crispy bacon strips served with egg any style and pan de sal or rice

Champorado at Danggit           P110.00
Warm chocolate rice porridge served with fried salted smelt

Desserts, Beverages, Cakes, Hot Coffee and Cold Coffee


Leche Flan Brulee          P95.00
Burnt sugar-topped rich flan

Basque Apple Tart           P185.00
A Spanish version of tart Tatin

Crepe Suzette Ala Mode          P265.00
Classic orange crepes served with vanilla ice cream
*Good for sharing

Malacanang Frozen Souffle           P380.00
Frozen lemon custard souffle with chocolate flakes, pistachio nuts and lemon lavender sauce
*Good for sharing


Fresh Fruit Shake and Juices          P155.00
Seasonal fruit juice or shake

Buco Juice          P100.00
Fresh buco juice in the shell

Casa Sangria (Carafe or Glass)          P550.00/ P165.00
Casa Roces' blend of dry red wine with chopped fruits and lemon soda

Sangria Te (Carafe or Glass)          P190.00/ P70.00
Our house blend ice tea: red tea mixed with lemon soda and chopped fresh fruits

Sago't Gulaman          P80.00
Tapioca pearls and jelly cubes with brown syrup on crushed ice

Salabat Soda          P100.00
Fizzy lemon lime soda with gingery ice cubes

Hot Salabat          P45.00
Hot ginger and honey tea

Tsokolate Eh          P70.00
Hot chocolate thickened with rich peanut butter

Tsokolate Ah          P55.00
Thick, rich hot chocolate

Hot Tea          P60.00
Canned Soda          P65.00
Canned Beer          P75.00

Bottled Beer          P60.00
Bottled Water          P55.00

Cakes                                            whole/ junior

Chocolate Pastillas Cake                 P650.00/ P150.00

Laguna Cheesecake                        P990.00/ P150.00
Chocolate Caramel                         P850.00/ P150.00
Devil's Food Cake                          P610.00/ P130.00
Dulce de Leche                             P650.00/ P110.00
White Chocolate Sansrival               P710.00/ P135.00

Cherry Walnut Cheesecake              P975.00/ P190.00
Double Chocolate Cake                   P850.00/ P150.00
Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake           P850.00/ P150.00 

Hot Coffee

Brewed Coffee           P95.00
Espresso                P50.00
Cappuccino                 P130.00
Cafe Latte               P130.00
Cafe Mocha           P125.00
Bailey's Coffee           P125.00

Cold Coffee

Frosted Mocha             P130.00
Frosted Caramel            P150.00
Frosted Java-Java           P150.00
Black Forest                 P140.00
Rocky Road               P160.00
Bailey's Frappe           P150.00 

Paella & Cochinillo Weekends

Spanish Culinary Favorites to Share and to Savor

Paella Valenciana          P225.00
Pork Belly Lechon Asado          P350.00

Casa Roces Malacañan:
Address:  1153 J.P. Laurel corner Aguado Street, San Miguel, Manila
Tel:  +63 (2) 735-5896, 708-4020

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