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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Basix - Dusit Thani's International Buffet Restaurant

Last December 2011, finally, my husband and I decided to have time for ourselves only.  A romantic dinner for two if some of you might like to call it.  We chose to dine at Dusit Thani's international buffet restaurant - Basix.

Dusit Thani's Basix Restaurant

Having dined a few times already, we knew what to expect.  Basix has their international buffet where array of dishes are set before your eyes.  But not only is Basix famous for their buffet, it's most popular with its unlimited drinks of juices, sodas, beers and the best part of all - unlimited red wine or white wine.  We've dined a few times with family and friends during the early months of the year 2011; so we were surprised when we were informed that the unlimited drinks is not included anymore in the buffet.  You need to pay an additional fee of P500.00 per person on top of your buffet fee to avail of that unlimited drinks including wines.  No wonder there were so few people when we dined.  Nevertheless, determined not to ruin our dinner plans we continued our dinner with a positive heart and positive view.

Since this blog is already three (3) months late, I was curious as to what Basix offers right now since it was very obvious that loyal patron were not patronizing the restaurant during that time.  So I found out that as of this moment,  March 2012, they are offering Basix buffet at P1,650.00 net per person including unlimited drinks of juices, sodas and beers.  Red and white wine you have to order ala carte by the bottle or by the glass, not included in the unlimited drinks.  Well, at least this is much more better than paying an additional of P500.00 for the unlimited drinks, unless of course if you love wines.  Then you have no choice but to order ala carte.  Well, I really do hope diners will come back to Basix.  It's still a nice experience for me and my husband. =)

Inside Basix
Truthfully, I didn't really mind us being only one of the few diners here.  We really need that quiet time and space for ourselves, so it was quite refreshingly relaxing for once.

The feast of Basix's buffet that we have enjoyed:

Basix's Buffet

International Cheese Selection
International Cheese Selection
Devondale Cheddar

Fig-Balsamic Chutney
Green Olives

Jumbo Shrimps

Chef shucking our fresh oysters.  Yum!

Assorted Mezzeh
Assorted Mezzeh
Baba Ganoush
Marinated Feta
Vine Leaves
Pita Bread
Green Sicilian Olives
Black Liguria Olives
Smoked and Cured Fish
Smoked and Cured Fish
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Tanguigue
Smoked Trout
Pickled Herring
Citrus-cured Salmon

Dill Mustard Sauce
Tobiko Cream
Onion Ring
Melba Toast

Cold Meat Selection
Cold Meat Selection
Parfait of Chicken Liver
with Mango Coulis and Pink Pepper
Black Forest Ham
Coppa Ham
Air-dried Beef
Duck Terrine with Orange
Home-made Pork Rilette

Home-made Mixed Pickles
Sweet and Sour Peppers

Fresh Salad
Fresh Salad
4 Kinds of Leaf Salad
Cherry Tomato
Carrot Julienne
Corn Kernel
Green Beans
Broccoli Florets
Sliced Mushrooms
Shaved Parmesan
Bacon Bits
Pumpkin Seeds

 Italian Dressing
French Dressing
Caesar Dressing
Tomato Dressing
Japanese Dressing
Egg Vinaigrette
Prime Beef Rib Station

Choices of International Dishes

Proteins - cook to order


Filipino Cuisine

Fresh Fruits and Crepes

Assorted Pastries

There's actually a lot more.  There's the Japanese and Indian Cuisine Section but I was not really able to take photos of them anymore.  I just wanted to enjoy the night while it's still young. =)

Here's our romantic dinner for two.  Well, as you've guessed it we just throw our worries to the wind for now and splurge the fee of P500.00 each for this unlimited drink specially the white wine.  No, we're not wine addicts; a sip or two with a good glass of wine along with the meal just somehow made it all the more surreal.

If you are like us who loves fresh oysters, you will definitely enjoy this.  The Olive Oil and Cilantro Soup, not really our cup of tea.  It's an acquired taste for us.

A small sample of each kind of dish, we don't want to easily fill our tummy with just one sitting.  The U.S. Prime Rib of beef was delicious!  Always ordered mine medium well.

The usual tempura.  Nothing fancy a taste of everything while enjoying each other's company.

Crabs!  This variety is always a must for us.  It is sort of our finger foods along with that little sip of white wine.

Even with a full tummy, this delicate chocolate treat was not able to pass by unnoticed.

My fruit-ending of the night.  Watermelon and melon-dunked into the chocolate fountain.  I think the chocolate fountain's chocolate was a bit runny.  I appreciated the chocolate syrup that I drizzled more than the other.

Still, I can't resist this delectable mango crepe made specially for me.  I even requested the chef to make it a little smaller.  Just simply yum!

Dusit Thani's other information:

Address:  Ayala Centre, 1223 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (2) 238-8888
Fax:  +63 (2) 238-8800

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