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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Breakfast Choices at "Casa Roces Malacañan"

We had a chance to try our eating adventure at Casa Roces Malacañan.  After finding a parking slot inside the compound which by the way has designated areas for parking - don't just park anywhere; we walked through the quietly peaceful streets of Malacañang.  If you plan to eat breakfast like us, the best time to do so is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  Otherwise the traffic from the private cars bringing in and picking up their kids to and from school will be quite a challenge for you specially in finding a parking space.  The time in between is the best time.

Longganisa Tuguegarao - Crispy pan-fried native pork sausages served with egg any style and toasted pan de sal or rice
"Longganisa" popularly called in Filipino, is made up of  pork meat stuffed in pig intestines  or to better name it, pork sausage.  It has different varieties depending on the province it is made.

Longganisa Tuguegarao is characterized by its saltiness and garlic flavor.  It is better eaten with fried rice and tomatoes to better enhance its flavor.  Truthfully,  I'm more on the sweeter version of the longganisa.  So this is not particularly my favorite longganisa dish.

Bacon and Eggs - Crispy bacon strips served with egg any style and pan de sal or rice
Bacon and Eggs; this dish doesn't really need any description.  Western countries has this as their normal breakfast meals with or without bread, which is also adapted by Filipinos but with their staple food which is rice.  This one is a classic.  It might be safe to say that it's almost everybody's favorite.

Beef Tapa - Fried marinated beef strips served with egg any style and plain or garlic rice
Beef Tapa are thin slices of beef cured in spices.  A dish adapted from Spanish cuisine and made uniquely our own.  This dish is commonly known to Filipinos as "tapsilog".  Tap-si-log; "tap" for tapa which is the cured beef, "si" for sinangag which is the fried rice and "log" for itlog which is the egg.  Combined into one full meal then you have the "tapsilog".

Tinapang Bangus - Smoked milk fish fried and served with egg any style and plain or garlic rice
Tinapang Bangus or to better describe it, smoked milkfish.  When all I got to usually eat are fried boneless bangus or fried boneless milkfish; a taste of the smoked milkfish is really an acquired taste for me. 

Leche Flan Brulee - Burnt sugar-topped rich flan
Leche Flan, an adapatation from Spanish cuisine is commonly known in other countries as creme caramel custard.  It is composed mainly of evaporated milk, condensed milk and a whole lot of egg yolks.  Leche Flan is usually served with caramel sauce on top.

Casa Roces' version of the Leche Flan is in form of a brulee.  Whereas, the usual Leche Flan is served with caramel sauce, they made it into a brulee or burnt cream thus the contrasting effect of rich creamy custard topped with a layer of hard caramel.

I love flans specially the rich, creamy and soft ones.  That goes for my sweet tooth.  This version of Casa Roces was really very sweet specially with the layer of hard caramel on top.  So my suggestion is to order this for sharing. =)

Our Leche Flan Brulee to go
I ordered my Leche Flan Brulee thinking that I will be able to finish it on my own.  Well, that's why I suggested it for sharing.

It was quiet a nice experience.  The ambience of the restaurant is conducive to that early morning breakfast with your friends at a certain leisure pace where you have chats with each other at your own time.  It gives me that calm and serene feeling that you know nobody is going to bother you while you enjoy a leisure breakfast.  I like that experience once in a while, it makes me feel human again after weeks of pressured living! =)

Casa Roces Malacañan:
Address:  1153 J.P. Laurel corner Aguado Street, San Miguel, Manila
Tel:  +63 (2) 735-5896, 708-4020

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