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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pahayahay Carwash and Resto Bar Gensan

Our eating adventure in Gensan led us to another restaurant that was surprisingly serving good food.  With the sprout of new restaurants from time to time, it is no wonder that people always have scouting adventures with these restaurants.  And through word of mouth people finally find their way to the good ones.

Pahayahay Car Wash and Resto Bar, WiFi access - wasn't able to try; not working at the time.

Pahayahay Car Wash and Resto Bar is a restaurant serving Filipino cuisine along with finger foods that's good with a glass of beer.  "Pahayahay" is a Visaya/Cebuano word which means "to relax".  It has an outdoor seating for those who loves to smoke.  For non-smokers, there's an enclosed glass-room with air conditioning but limited seats.  I'm not really in the mood for an outdoor dinner at that time, so the air conditioned room suits me well.  To top it, there was a slight drizzle of rain that night, so all is well that ends well.

The outdoor ambiance is usual for smokers and for those drinking sprees one have to unwind.

The rustic setting of Pahayahay

Fabric covered lanterns and dream catchers places strategically along the ceiling walls

Pahayahay Carwash Resto Bar Menu

I was surprised by the variety of Pahayahay Carwash Resto Bar's Menu.  I was expecting three (3) to four (4) pages would be plenty already but more than ten (10) pages was something else.  Below is the detailed menu list.  The prices are fairly reasonable. =)

Breakfast  w/ egg and rice
Corned Beef                P55.00
Tocino                        P65.00
 Longanisa                   P65.00
Daing na Bangus           P65.00
Tapa                          P75.00
Hungarian Sausage        P75.00
Malasugi                      P75.00

Vegetables / Pancit
Pancit Canton                      P145.00
Pancit Canton w/ Seafood         P165.00
(Good for 3-4 persons)                         

Chopsuey                             P145.00
Mix Vegetables w/ Seafoods        P155.00

Egg Sandwich                        P45.00
Chicken Sandwich                   P45.00
Ham and Cheese                    P55.00
Ham and Egg                         P55.00
Clubhouse                            P85.00

Pork BBQ                        P45.00
3 Sticks (400 grams)                      
Pork Steak                    P115.00
Inihaw na Liempo            P115.00
Lechon Kawali                P135.00
Bicol Express                 P135.00
Sinuglaw                       P165.00

Crispy Sizzling               P165.00
Pork Sisig                               

Crispy Pata                   P395.00

Chicken BBQ                      P65.00
Chicken Feet (Hot)             P110.00
Buffalo Wings                    P145.00
Chicken Lollipop                P145.00
Fried Chicken                   P165.00
Garlic Chicken                  P175.00
Native Chicken Adobo         P185.00

Sizzling Beef Salpicao               P145.00
Beef Kare-Kare                      P155.00
Sizzling Bulalo Steak                P265.00

                                   Singles          Family
Sinigang na Bangus             P65.00         P165.00
Sinigang na Pork                P65.00         P165.00
Sinigang na Malasugi           P65.00         P165.00

Inihaw na Panga                P45.00/ 100g
Inihaw na Tuna Belly           P65.00/ 100g
Crabs                              P79.00/ 100g
in Hot and Spicy
in Coconut Milk
in Ginger Garlic Sauce
in Arabian Sauce

Sugpo (50-80g)                   P49.00/ piece
                                  (Minimum order 4 pieces)
in Lemon Butter Sauce
in Lemon and Garlic

Sizzling Boneless Bangus               P115.00
Sizzling Gambas                          P145.00
Sizzling Squid                             P145.00
Calamares                                 P145.00
Sizzling Tuna Sisig                       P165.00
Tempura                                   P165.00

Plain Rice                     P20.00
Garlic Rice                    P30.00

Bread                          P10.00
Egg                             P20.00
Garlic Sauce                 P20.00
Mayo                           P20.00
Thousand Island              P20.00
Wasabi                         P30.00
Kikoman                       P30.00
Honey Mustard Sauce      P30.00

Coffee                        P30.00
Bottled Water               P35.00
Nescafe                      P35.00
C2 (500 ml)                   P35.00
Minute Maid                 P35.00
Gatorade                     P35.00
Coke                          P35.00
Pepsi                          P35.00
Pepsi Max                    P35.00
Mirinda                        P35.00
7-Up                           P35.00
Mountain Dew               P35.00

Halo-Halo                      P90.00
Mocha Java                  P110.00
Buko Juice                    P70.00

Mango Shake                 P70.00
Watermelon Shake          P70.00
Apple Shake                  P70.00
Melon Shake                  P70.00
Avocado Shake               P70.00
Pineapple Shake             P70.00

                                                          Mucho Mug
San Mig Light                    P39.00           P117.00
Pale Pilsen                       P39.00           P117.00
RedHorse                         P39.00           P117.00
San Mig Malt Apple             P39.00           P117.00
San Mig Malt Lemon            P39.00           P117.00
Super Dry                         P50.00                    

Tanduay Ice                       P39.00           P117.00
GPS                                 P65.00                   

Shisha    P250.00
Mouth Tips         P15.00                                 

1) Mint                 6) Orange       11) Banana                     
2) Cocktail            7) Peach         12) Cappuccino and Berry
3) Bubble Gum       8) Cherry        13) Water Melon           
4) Two Apples        9) Apple          14) Chocolate              
5) Strawberry        10) Grapes                                           

The Devil Wears Prada             P80.00
Vodka, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice
Sex And The City                    P80.00
Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice
Into The Blue                         P80.00
Vodka, Sprite, Blue Curacao
Dirty Dancing                         P80.00
(Tequila Sunrise) Tequila, Orange Juice, Grenadine
Girl Next Door                        P80.00
(Margarita) Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice
P.S. I Love You                       P80.00
Notting Hill                             P80.00 
 The Godfather                         P60.00   
Rhum, Coke 
Iron Man                                P60.00 
 Vodka, Energy Drink
James Bond                            P60.00  
Vodka, Sprite
Oceans II                               P60.00  
Brandy, Coke
The Mexican                            P50.00  
Kremlin                                  P50.00  

Pork BBQ (3 Sticks)             P45.00
        Inihaw na Panga                  P45.00/ 100g
Peanuts Salted or Spicy           P60.00
Mix Nuts                            P60.00
        Inihaw na Tuna Belly             P65.00/ 100g
Chicken BBQ                       P65.00
Mangga w/ Bagoong               P90.00
Spicy Tofu w/ Salsa              P90.00
Kropek                              P90.00
Tacos w/ Salsa                    P90.00
Sizzling Garlic Mushroom           P90.00
Sizzling Corn                       P90.00
French Fries                      P110.00
Crispy Palaka                     P110.00
Chicken Skin                       P110.00
Cheese Sticks                     P110.00
Chicken Feet Hot                 P110.00
Chicharon                          P110.00
Pork Steak                         P115.00
Inihaw na Liempo                 P115.00
Nacho Chips w/ Dip              P120.00
Sizzling Boneless Bangus        P115.00
Chicharon Bulaklak               P135.00
Crispy Tenga                       P135.00
Buffalo Wings                      P145.00
Beef Kare-Kare                   P155.00
Crispy Sizzling Pork Sisig       P165.00

        Sugpo                                   P49.00/ piece
Lemon Butter/ Lemon Garlic
Minimum order 4 pcs
         Crabs                                   P79.00/ 100g  
Hot & Spicy/ Coconut Milk/
Ginger Garlic/ Arabian 
 Bicol Express                          P135.00
 Tokwa't Baboy                         P135.00
 Kinilaw na Tuna                       P135.00
 Lechon Kawali                         P135.00
 Sizzling Beef Salpicao Hot           P145.00
 Chicken Lollipop                       P145.00
 Sizzling Gambas                       P145.00
 Sizzling Squid                          P145.00
 Calamares                              P145.00
 Kinilaw na Malasugi                   P150.00
 Sizzling Tuna Salad                   P165.00
 Fried Chicken                          P165.00
 Sinuglaw                                 P165.00
 Tempura                                P165.00
 Garlic Chicken                        P175.00
Tuna Sashimi                          P180.00
Native Chicken Adobo               P185.00
Crispy Pata                            P395.00
Sizzling Bulalo Steak                 P265.00
Nagaraya (Garlic/ Hot and Spicy)      P60.00

One of the notes on the table
Just remember that this reminder is only true when taken in moderation.  =)

Carwash Services
 C1                ORDINARY WASH              P50.00
Shampoo with Conditioner (FOAM WASH - PHASE OUT)
Tire Black
Blow Dry System

C2               SUPER CAR WASH             P80.00
WATER DISTRICT - not deep well
Blow Dry System
Shampoo with Conditioner (FOAM WASH - PHASE OUT)
Window Sheen
Tire Black
Armor All

 C3                  UNDERWASH                  P50.00

C4                 ENGINE WASH                 P90.00
Shampoo with Conditioner (FOAM WASH - PHASE OUT)
Blow Dry System

C5          WAX Carwash Included        P280.00    P350.00    P420.00
Ultimate Wax
Shampoo with Conditioner (FOAM WASH - PHASE OUT)
Tire Black
Window Sheen

Wash Area and Comfort Room
Wash Area

Comfort Room

The comfort room is plainly simple.  But it's fairly clean.  As long as it is well maintained, I can't really say anything bad against it.

There will be two (2) parts of this blog.  Watch out for our food choices at Pahayahay.  See you there.

Pahayahay Carwash and Resto Bar Gensan:
Address:  Catolico Street, General Santos City (near Robinson's Mall)
Tel:  (083) 552-01-87

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