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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gusteaus's Fud Haus - Crab Fanatics' Must-Try Restaurant in Gensan

General Santos City or Dadiangas City for the locals there, is a continuously growing city.  With the construction of renowned malls in Metro Manila like the Robinson's Mall, and now, SM Mall; it is expected that traffic would continuously grow too, thus a booming effect.

General Santos City or the "Tuna Capital of the Philippines" as it is commonly known, is now made more popular by our "Pambansang Kamao" who is Manny Pacquiao, fondly called by people Pacman.  It much gained it's popularity through the success of Pacman which equates that if one say the name of Gensan almost everybody will say Manny Pacquiao's name; which finally puts Gensan in the map as a city to discover contrary to the news reports shown in Metro Manila which are blown into proportions.

Last December 2011 we got to visit Gensan and got to experience cooking cuisine at par with Manila's good restaurants.  One of that restaurant is Gusteau's Fud Haus (Gusteau's Food House) which serves their specialty - Garlic and Herb Crabs.  A crab lover myself, this is a food haven for me.  Located within Sun City Complex along National Highway, one will never miss it.

My "Crab Christmas" at Gusteau's Fud Haus in Sun City Complex.
Sun City Complex
Gusteau's Fud Haus
Gusteau's Fud Haus is located at the 2nd Floor of Sun City Complex.  Alan Lopez, one of the owners of Gusteau's, who came from a family who loves to cook formulated the secret recipe of their surefire hit Garlic and Herb Crab.  The restaurant was built not only for financial satisfaction but most specially for the fulfillment it gives.  And you will surely know you have the best of quality because Alan himself gives it a personal touch of cooking it himself making sure that the ingredients and the crabs itself are fresh and alive prior to cooking.  That's what makes the difference from other crab restaurants.

Gusteau's Fud Haus' interior
Gusteau's Fud Haus interior is simple and may only be able to accommodate a limited number of people but don't let that deter you from taking that step in trying their dishes; for what quality you will receive is more than the amount you paid for.  As we say it in Filipino, "Sulit!" or "Worth it!".  And can you believe it, most of the bulk of their loyal customers came for take outs by just calling.

Gusteau's Fud Haus Menu

Gusteau's Menu is fairly simple.  But each dish comes with a unique taste that will keep you coming back for more. =)

Gusteau's Fud Haus Menu

Lechon Kawali                            P250.00
White Squid Adobo                      P180.00
Garlic Tuna Belly                        P200.00
Steamed Tilapia                          P250.00
Kinilaw                                      P150.00
Crispy Fish Fillet                         P200.00
Lobster (seasonal)                         P95.00/ 100 grams

Grancho Reale                            P85.00/ 100 grams
Ocean King Crab serve on a bed of Garlic and Herb

Spicy Prawns                              P300.00
Sweet chili prawn stuffed with spicy herb dressing

Crab Soup                                  P150.00
Imbao Soup                                 P180.00
Shrimp Soup                               P180.00                             

Coke                               Pepsi in can
Sprite                             7-up in can
Royal                              Mountain Dew
Coke Zero                        Cali
Coke Light

Iced Tea                          Pineapple
4 seasons                         Mango
Pine Orange

I was not able to get the prices of softdrinks and juices because we had tea.  But I think the prices are just minimal.

Imbao Soup

Imbao Soup, a clear soup of fresh clams; have clean flavors that's perfect to start off any sumptious meal.

Kinilaw or raw fish salad usually tuna, is a classic favorite of mine, this dish is present in every Filipino home; I remember my dad whipping off this dish during outings and it's always a hit specially after swimming.

Kinilaw is basically raw tuna cut into cubes together with cucumber and radish, marinated in a mixture of vinegar and calamansi or lemon juice along with other spices makes up a raw tuna salad; an appertizer that can whet the appetite of any serious eater.  If you are not the raw eater kind, the  acids in the vinegar and lemon juice slowly cooks the fish meat just like the wasabi mixture dip in a Japanese sushi.

Grancho Reale
Grancho Reale, the star of the meal is a dish of ocean king crab serve on a bed of garlic and herb.  The freshly cooked crabs' meats are soft and just melts in your mouth.  The garlic and herb sauce and the crab meat makes a perfect match with each other.  The garlic and herb sauce even compliments the plain rice.  Yum!  To sum it up, it's just "finger lickin'ly good!" =)

Garlic Tuna Belly
What's being in Gensan, the tuna capital of the Philippines, if we don't get to try tuna?  The Garlic Tuna Belly, crispy fried to just the right crispiness is just delectably soft and juicy.  It's not the dry variety where one has to force oneself to swallow the fish meat.  This is just what we are looking for.

White Squid Adobo
Adobo which means in Spanish, seasoning or marinade; is a cooking technic that usually involves vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper and bayleaf.  But through time, varieties of adobo came up depending on the chef cooking it.

White Squid Adobo cooked with the squid ink; is not overcooked and just had the right tenderness that will keep you coming back for seconds even if that means ink squid sticking in between your teeth.

Hot Tea
After a very satisfying meal, we had hot tea.  Hot tea is always good for digestion and we always have it if the restaurant offers it.  The hot tea is complimentary.

It was definitely an excellent meal at an affordable price.  Next time when I have the chance to come back again, it will be for that Spicy Prawns. =)

They have opened a new branch in Davao City.  If time permits I will surely visit their branch there for another satisfying meal.  Just writing about this blog made me wish I can fly back there one more time.

Well, if any of you find any reason to visit Gensan, this is one of them!

Gusteau's Fud Haus (Gensan):
Address:  2nd Floor, Sun City Complex, National Highway, General Santos City (near Gaisano Mall)
Tel:  (083) 304-86-82
Opens:  Mondays - Saturdays (for lunch and dinner at 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

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