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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hong Kong: Ocean Park

If you are one of those people who had their fill with Disneyland Amusement Parks all over the world; and want to try something new and different.  Ocean Park Hong Kong, might be the one for you.

Where Disneyland Amusement Park offers fantasy and surreal enjoyment;  Ocean Park Hong Kong offers ruggedness and adventure.  If hiking up the mountain is one of your passion, or if nature and animals are your cup of tea; then Ocean Park is the one for you.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is basically one of the largest aquariums and marine theme parks in Southeast Asia.  This park offers ever-changing new forms of entertainment.  The park consists of two main lands called the Waterfront and the Summit.  To be able to travel between the two main lands, one can choose to ride the cable car or the Ocean Express.

In the past, the cable car was the only essential link between the two main lands of the park.  But now, the new Ocean Express offers a much quicker way to travel.  I suggest, you try out the two.  The experience is both unique on its own.

Welcome to Ocean Park Hong Kong
This colorful seahorse statue is one of the many statues inside Ocean Park
Animated shark statue

First thing's first.  Upon entering, don't forget to get the map of the amusement park.  Without the map, it's like driving down an unknown street blindfolded.

The top half of the map or "The Summit" Map
The lower half of the map or "The Waterfront" Map

Upon looking at the map, there's so much to see and explore that we decided to go to the top first which is "The Summit", and work our way down to "The Waterfront". 

But before anything else.  A souvenir shop greeted us once more and I'll bet you know what's next...  souvenir shopping!
Ocean Park souvenir shop!  More!  More!  More! =)

Can't help but buy these little trinklets for gifts at home!

Key chains!  Key chains!  Key chains!  Cost about HK$35.00 each.
Cellphone accessories and photo key chain.  Costs at HK$69.00, HK$45.00 and HK$20.00 respectively.
Cable Car

Now we are ready to embark on our great adventure.  We made our way to the Cable Car Station and made our way to the top.

If you are afraid of heights; maybe, this is not for you or maybe, this will be the one to let you conquer your fears!  Either way, it's your decision.  But the experience is worth it!
Cable Car Station
Slowly making our way to "The Summit" up above the mountain.
Below is the view of "The Waterfront".  A sight to behold indeed.
The Summit

Terrace Cafe

Reaching the top.  We had our second meal of the day.  We had our lunch at The Terrace Cafe which offers international gourmet and also provide Indian dishes fit for any guest's requests.  The Terrace Cafe also offers breath taking view while dining.
The Terrace Cafe
Fascinating view of some parts of Hong Kong
It's like dining on a balcony with a cool breeze and lovely view.
The place is packed with hungry diners.
Intricate and colorful mosaic details on the wall.

Ocean Park Tower

Tummies full, we walked along the Station Road and reached our first ride; the Ocean Park Tower.

Ocean Park Tower just basically slowly lifts you up while it turns and let you see the overlooking view below at every angle.  Nothing really frightening or scary.
Ocean Park Tower
Gives you the full view of what's happening below.
After the Ocean Park Tower ride, my kid can't resist to maneuver his own little boat for a few Hong Kong dollars.

Ocean Theatre

Ocean Theatre gives you an unforgettable 'underwater' experience with its fantastic dolphin show.  Be amazed by their well-trained dolphins and funny seals.  Reserving your own seats is a must.  The placed is packed with people and seats are on a first come first serve basis.  The earlier you are the better.  This is one of Ocean Park's famous shows!  This is a must for everyone.

See my full and detailed dolphin show photos captured though a camera on my next blog.
Ocean Theatre
The amazing dolphin acrobats!
Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium Yangtze Exploration

Before we decide to make our way down to "The Waterfront", we had our last stop at Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium Yangtze Exploration.  Where we entered a clear glass tunnel and entertained by fishes swimming above us.  Definitely a fun adventure for your kids.
Walk through a clear glass tunnel and see variety of fishes swimming above you.

Ocean Express Summit Station

Finally,  we decided to make our way for the Ocean Express Summit Station.  Yes, we didn't fully explore "The Summit" but it's getting darker and we need to get to "The Waterfront".  So, Ocean Express, here we come. =)

Ocean Express train offers a much quicker way to travel.  This is another choice of transportation for people afraid of heights.  In this, passengers can experience a 'submersible' journey through the ocean by the multimedia animation shown inside the train.
Ocean Express Summit Station
Armoured seahorses guard the Ocean Express entrance
The sign saying Ocean Express Entrance
Falling in line while waiting for the Ocean Express train.  Inset shows multimedia animation throught the ocean.
The Waterfront

The Giant Panda Adventure

Upon arriving at "The Waterfront", we had our first stop at The Giant Panda Adventure.  This is where you can learn more about these lovely animals - giant pandas, red pandas and Chinese giant salamanders.  Catch these red pandas in action during feeding time and watch them interact with their trainors.
The Giant Panda Adventure
These adorable Giant Pandas captured everybody's attention.
Red Pandas
Red Pandas during feeding time
Chinese Giant Salamander
This Chinese Giant Salamder almost looks like one of the dinosaur species, don't you think?

Just outside, we were greeted by this wishing board.  Where you write all your wishes using a marker on these white boards.  It has its own wish written on the blue panel along with the marker holders.  The wish may start off your wish, if you don't have one.  It goes like this...

"Make a wish... for a more harmonious future between man and nature." Now, that's a wish you can't compare or complain about! =)

Wishing board.  Inset, samples of guests wishes, up close.
"Plant the World with Hope!"  - a reminder for all of us.
"Together, we all Make a Difference!" - for us to achieve.
On our way out, we passed by these lucky gold fishes.
Of course, what is all these without these lovely and cuddly Panda souvenirs!

Deciding on what to do next, we passed by this grill and we noticed that almost everybody is eating this stuff.  It's a Korean Grilled Squid!  Yum!  Try it!  But don't forget to drink lots and lots of water! =)
Squid on the grill
The tasty Korean Grilled Squid!

The SkyStar

We were too tired to try any rides, so we were just content to see the SkyStar rise up in the air!
The SkyStar

Dancing Fountain

Can't really find this anywhere in the map.  But we passed by this dancing fountain, swaying with the music.  We watched in silence as we rest our feet at the same time.
The Amazing Dancing Fountain

The Grand Aquarium

Our last stop was The Grand Aquarium.  The name speaks for itself.  All sort of sea life forms are seen in this aquarium.  See my detailed blog on this.
The small tunnel going up on the lower right side is leading to the Grand Aquarium.

When we were done with our exploration, it was night time already.  We made our way to the exit and rode the Citybus 629 to Admiralty.  A tiring but fun day indeed!

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