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Monday, April 2, 2012

Delightful Dishes at Pahayahay Carwash and Resto Bar in Gensan

Our Christmas 2011 at Gensan was full of "eating goodness"! =)  We had a fantastic Crab treat at Gusteau's Fud Haus and the next food adventure was at Pahayahay Carwash and Resto Bar.

Inside the enclosed air conditioned room
We chose to dine inside the enclosed air conditioned room of Pahayahay.  Equipped with a television, a part of the wall is full of photos of great and famous people that we know.  Photos were strategically located surrounding the television where you would not miss it.

Menu Dishes
Crispy Palaka     P110.00
Crispy Palaka or fried until crisp frogs were so crunchy that they were almost gone as soon as the plate landed on the table.

Pancit Canton     P145.00
Pancit Canton, a noodle dish introduced by the Chinese which Filipinos later adapted into their cuisine.  This pancit canton has just the right texture and sauce in it.  Just the way I like it, not too dry. =)

Sinuglaw     P165.00
Sinuglaw a dish composed of grilled pork belly and raw tuna fish salad marinated in vinegar and lemon juice along with other spices.  Just like the kinilaw we had at Gusteau's Fud Haus; only this has grilled pork belly combined in it.  Never fails to whet any person's appetite.

Bicol Express     P135.00
Bicol Express, a dish termed after Bicolanos who love to add chilies and coconut milk (gata) to their food.  This dish have long evolved into many variants.  This variant include green beans, pork, coconut milk, chilies and other ingredients.  This version is mildly hot which I prefer.  I don't know if it was requested by my companion that way; but it surely suits me perfectly.  Fiery hot would really make me got nuts!

Beef Kare-Kare     P155.00
Beef Kare-Kare, a dish of beef or with ox-tail in peanut sauce.  This dish is excellent combined with a spoonful of shrimp bagoong or fermented shrimp.  A spread of the peanut sauce on your rice and... YUM! =)

Sizzling Bulalo Steak     P265.00
Sizzling Bulalo Steak, beef shank with bone tenderized for a period of time then marinated and seared then served sizzling on a hot plate thus the name sizzling bulalo steak.  This served together with butter-sauteed vegetables, a perfect match!

Plain Rice     P20.00
The one thing that's always present in every meal is the rice, the staple food whatever dishes maybe served.

We had shakes for our drinks.  Shakes can be ordered plain or mixed with milk.  Your choice!
Plain Mango Shake     P70.00
Mango Shake with Milk
I ordered mango shake with milk.  But I can't exactly recall if there's an additional payment for the milk.  I like it much creamier and tastier. =)

Melon Shake with Milk
Plain Avocado Shake     P70.00

Notice the plate behind the avocado shake?  Clean to the last morsel of meat!  =)  It was definitely fun!

Pahayahay Carwash and Resto Bar Gensan:
Address:  Catolico Street, General Santos City (near Robinson's Mall)
Tel:  (083) 552-01-87

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