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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leslie's Restaurant - Tagaytay

Tagaytay has been a family destination for families who want quality time vacations even for a short period of time.  And it is a known fact that there are plenty of restaurants around to choose from and one of the more popular restaurants is Leslie's Restaurant.

We had our adventure before at Canyon Woods Residential Resort, Tagaytay;  now we decided to find our way to Canyon Cove Resort Batangas.  But before we did, we had to satisfy our tummies.  We decided to eat at Leslie's Restaurant in Tagaytay and just to satisfy our curiosity; try their well-known Bulalo.

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay

"Sooo Pinoy" Winner of Best Bulalo 2011

"Sooo Pinoy" (Promoting Filipino Cuisine) Note:

Finding our identity as a nation has been, and still is, a struggle.

Geography clearly isn't in our favor.  Nor history, for that matter.  The former gives rise to issues about oneness.  The latter, about authenticity.  And the whole thing is compounded by divisive arguments and endless debates.

But perhaps it doesn't have to be complicated.  Maybe all it takes to find out what we're made of is to get to know more about what we take in.

That's what Sooo Pinoy is all about.  Led by Unilever Food Solutions, the advocacy aims to get to the belly of what makes our cuisine special, unique, ours.

And we'll be feeding you with what we uncover; from the history of your favorite Pinoy dishes, information about their many varieties, all the way to the restaurants that best serve them.  Join us by going on your very own Filipino food trip and sharing with us whatever you learn on your delicious expeditions.

Small bridge; entrance to Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay

Pond of Koi Fishes under the small bridge

Jammed packed restaurant

Leslie's Restaurant Menu

Leslie's Restaurant's Menu features our favorite Filipino dishes that we have loved throughout our lives.  Detailed menu dishes will be posted in my next blog; Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay Menu.

Comfort Room

The comfort room has a huge old oriental bowl personalized as a lavatory and the faucet was really ingenious of Leslie Restaurant to come up with this personalized faucet.  The faucet is a "Poso" or the pump that is used during the old time to get water.  Some still use this in the far provinces but I haven't seen one in a long time.  And to see this made me reminisce those times when I visited provinces when I was still young, that were not yet that developed and life was just so simple back then. 

Bridge above Leslie's Restaurant

Sign of the newly opened branch of Leslie's Restaurant in Puerto Princesa

To experience Filipino culture and cuisine, this is one of the restaurants to visit in Tagaytay.  Still there are other restaurants who offer the same ambiance.  Visiting them may help us understand our culture more and maybe appreciate them even more.

Leslie Restaurant Tagaytay:

Address:  Aguinaldo Highway Crossing, Silang, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
Tel:  +63 (46) 483-4271
Telefax:  +63 (46) 483-1065, 860-2694
Mobile: 0917-594-9988

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