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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hong Kong: Ocean Park - Ocean Theatre's Dolphin Show

The main attraction of Ocean Park Hong Kong is the dolphin show in Ocean Theatre.  It showcase dolphins and seals doing their famous stunts for the audience.  It never fails to bring out smiles in everyone's lips.  "Oohs" and "aahhs" will be the common language each onlooker will utter during the show.

Ocean theatre

I'll be posting detailed pictures of the Dolphins doing their stunts.  Please embrace yourselves for quite a number of pictures! =)

These performers start off the program!
Drum rolls please...
Dolphins communicating with their trainors

And there he goes!


and twist some more...
Another star of the show, the seal !

The seal, pausing before going down the slide.
But then again, these dolphins steal the show once more!

Dolphins - the graceful acrobats! . . . going up...
Ready for the dive . . .

There goes their coordinated stunt! =)
Still want some more ?. . .  of course there's more!  I call this their symphony of movement!

I wont' be adding anymore captions, the pictures speak for itself!

Of course don't forget the Seal, he has his own stunt to show too! =)

Here comes the Dolphins once again!

The Dolphins on the water performing together with the Seals on the stage!

Finally, saying goodbye to their viewers.  It was a show well applauded!!! =)

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