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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel Hong Kong

After our magical stay at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong, it's back to the real world and what else?  Sightseeing and shopping in Hong Kong!

With soaring prices in hotel accommodation,  we had to plan out where to stay after Disneyland Hollywood Hotel.  Of course, as a traveler if its affordable and comfortable; why not?  right?  So, we asked around and a friend told us that we can try Express by Holiday Inn Hotel.  And so we did!

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel main lobby and reception counter

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel, is aptly described by its name - Express  !  Which means fast.  If you want a no fuss stay and is always on the go and doesn't need bell service; this hotel is the one for you.  Though it doesn't mean they don't have bell service, they just don't bother you that much when you don't need it.

When going to Hong Kong, I was usually asked where am I going to stay?  Hong Kong side or Kowloon side?  I never really value the question, not until I went to Hong Kong a few more times that I began to understand.  By Hong Kong side, they mean Hong Kong Island; where the heart of the city is!  Business, entertainment, shopping and commercial areas are found.  It is where you want to be in.  And by Kowloon side, they mean Kowloon Island.  This is another side where all the high end stores are found.  Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci... to name a few.  If this is what you have in mind, this maybe the wrong side of the island for you.  But nevertheless, MTR is always a convenient tool of transportation in Hong Kong.

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel is inconspicuously found in the heart of Hong Kong Island.  Inconspicuous?  Why?  Because it's not like the usual hotel where, the front door leads to the main lobby.  You have to step on an escalator which then brings you up the lobby.  The escalator itself is not readily noticeable, it is partly hidden by the wall, but it doesn't mean that you'll get lost.  It's just a bit puzzling!  NOTE:  Big luggages may seem hard to pull up the escalator.  You may need bell service assistance for the elevator, which is also inconspicuously hidden at the back. =)

So you might now ask, where am I exactly if I am to stay here?
You are next to these well-known areas in Hong Kong which are:
  • Causeway Bay
  • Times Square Mall
  • Causeway Bay MTR station - a few minutes walk from the hotel
  • 10-minute taxi ride from Ocean Park
  • 15 minutes taxi ride from Lan Kwai Fong
  • 40 minutes ride from Hong Kong International Airport via shuttle bus or the Airport Express rail service.
But believe me, you'll never be able to finish them all not unless you plan to stay longer than a few days.  The amusement park and Times Square Mall only; will keep you busy that you have no time to even consider other options. =)

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel's directory

Express by Holiday Inn Hotel's rooms are fairly clean and comfortable.  Though they are not as spacious as compared to Disneyland's Hollywood Hotel's rooms.  It is more or less  only 3/4 of that space.  But it didn't really bother us at all.  We were more on looking forward to the day ahead of us.

Express by Holiday Inn's rooms
The extra bed near the window means extra charge.
Our rooms hallway and door.  The door on the left leads to the bathroom.
Our bathroom
Our bathroom's shower
The outside hallway
Only kids can share the room with their parents for free.  Adults with extra bed entails extra charge.

What are the other benefits?
  • Complimentary set breakfast - you have choices to choose from.  Not really sure if I remembered correctly; the choices were English breakfast, Chinese breakfast, Locals breakfast. =)
  • Complimentary internet access at the "Business Center / Internet Corner" - located near the lobby

It was quiet accessible and convenient for us.  All in all, when its time for us to leave for home; while waiting for our bus ride to the airport, we were able to have a little tour at Time Square Mall.  That's how short the distance is from the hotel.  A little time for some leisure walk.

What else can I say, a vacation this short always leaves you feeling and wanting for more!  But that means all the more better because you have something to look forward to the next time. =)

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