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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Amusement Park

After enjoying Disneyland Hotel,  we now embark on our next journey... that is The Disneyland Amusement Park.  Filled with excitement, we waited for the shuttle that will bring us from the hotel to Disneyland Amusement Park.

The complimentary shuttle for guest staying at the resort

Inside our shuttle bus

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Sign greeted us upon arrival

The first thing to do when you enter an amusement park is to get their brochures and map.  I had the chance to do the naivete thing the first time we went to an amusement park, was to forget to get these instruction guides.  The result was quiet shockingly crazy.  Walking around we found the shortest line to a ride.  Due to time constraints at that time, we fall in line not knowing what ride it was.  Just so we can experience just one ride before leaving.

We were shocked and surprised that it was one of the scariest and thrilling ride in the park.  Boy, did we learn our lesson then.  We never forgot the second time around! =)

Disneyland brochure

Smaller version of the map

Disneyland Amusement Park Map

What to expect inside Disneyland Hong Kong?  Lots.  The wonderful thing is that you can finish the whole park in 1-2 days if you want to experience all of it.  Just to feel some accomplishment there.

I've been to Disneyland in L.A., and oh I love the place but I only enjoyed a tiny (very tiny) part of the park.  Leaving some wishful thinking of having to have stayed a little longer just to fully enjoy it.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, set aside 1-2 full days and you will be fulfilled!  Here's what you will enjoy:

  • Main Street U.S.A. - Stepping into a turn-of-the-20th century American Town Take a stroll in the quaint streets or ride in old vehicles.  Or join the lively day parades where you can dance and sing along in this daily procession featuring elaborate floats, musicians, dancers and Characters from famous Disney stories. Or watch the exciting fireworks at night which are synchronized to the music of famous Disney films that lights up the sky with exciting pyrotechnics.
Disneyland Railroad
Disneyland Emporium - if your thirst for souvenirs is not yet satisfied, this is one of the shops to enter!

Of course, can't resist to shop a bit more (GRIN =) )!  These are a few of my precious finds!

Mickey Pull-up Pen Set which costs HK$ 80.00

Mickey briefs for my little prince, this costs HK$150.00

  • Tomorrowland - Discover the thrill of space exploration as you ride through the dark in an exciting indoor rollercoaster with thrilling lights, music and electrifying special effects. Battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear with laser guns and compete with other Guests as you blast enemy targets.  Interact with Stitch, and so much more! 

  • Fantasyland - Where one immerses in Fairytale.   Stepping through the castle doors and immersing oneself in the place where Disney stories come to life.  One journeys through the land where one meet princesses, take a ride with Dumbo and watch fabulous stage shows performed by famous Characters in a Broadway-style musical celebrating Disney movies like"Toy Story", "Lilo ans Stitch" and more.
    • Adventureland - Journey into the jungle.  Voyage into an exotic world on a jungle boat safari journey where one explore the waters of the jungle and encounter exotic beasts on a big boat adventure.  Watch the colorful pageant of music and dance in the live musical with amazing costumes, lively dancers, fire and acrobatics based on "The Lion King" movie.  Or climb the towering branches of Tarzan's Treehouse.

    It's up to us how we make this journey enjoyable.  But one thing's for sure, one will never run out of things to see and explore! =)

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