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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vietnam - The Land to Discover

In a time of crisis like ours, everybody is tightening each of our belts just to get by.  So when you say travelling out of the country,  it's almost a luxury in itself and the first thing that would come up our minds is that "it's expensive"!  Quite rightly so.  It's takes quiet a sum of money just to travel outside our own country.  Most of us could only have this same wish...  "if only there's a country we can go to that doesn't require that much amount of money...?",  "could there be a country we can go to that would economically fit our budget?"

Guys, here's the answer... "YES"!  There is a country we can go to that's very economical, low budget and at the same time will let us enjoy the trip without that financial worry-fuss.  That country is "VIETNAM"!


Vietnam... Vietnam... Vietnam...

012- Aflicker

Vietnam from above...

Oh I know what you're thinking right now, Vietnam?  What can we see there?  Isn't it dangerous?  These might be some of the things that will cross your minds just by the mention of Vietnam.  I can't blame you, for this is what I also thought when I was ask if I like to travel to Vietnam.  For me Vietnam is synonymous to Saigon which is synonymous to war.  Having been in quiet a number of war, slowed the progress of Vietnam's economy. But now that the "war" is out of the picture, they are open to tourists from other countries.  Truthfully, I was very hesitant to visit this country, but the moment I did, I didn't regret a bit of it.  And you know what? this is the best time to visit their country.  When everything is economical, cheap and budget-reach for our pockets.  Not only with the hotel accommodations, tickets, shopping, food...  you name it, everything within reach.  So what are you waiting for guys!

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There's quiet a few things you need to know before you plan to travel on this trip.  It's better to be prepared than be surprised.  A well-planned trip is better than none at all.  Below are the few things you should be well aware of:

    • Search through the internet for the best ticket fare.  We were able to get promo tickets through Philippine Airlines (PAL).  And you can guess that we booked it immediately. 
    • Search through Agoda or even group buying sites in the Philippines for the best accommodation.  I can assure you, you can get as low as P4,000.00++ per person for room accommodations for few days already.  That's really cheap compared to other countries.
    • Know their currency.  Their currency is in Dong.  VND or likewise known as Vietnam Dong.  Just to give you an insight...  estimately as follows...
    1. VND1,000,000.00 = PHP2,000.00
    2. VND500,000 = PHP1,000.00
    3. VND10,000.00 = PHP20.00
    Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you, their currency is in millions and converted to ours its in thousands only.  It's like you're a millionaire there when you have only thousands of pesos!  When purchasing, some of the vendors accepts U.S. dollars and even Philippine peso.  It's very convenient especially when you already don't have any Vietnam Dong in hand.
      • Stay in a hotel that's conveniently near to some of the place you would like to see.  It's gives you the time to go back anytime you like.  Like ours, our hotel is near Ben Thanh Market. We just go back there whenever we have the urge to do so.
      • Research about the tours that you want to enjoy.  This I know is quiet a big question mark to us who's only going there for the first time.  We can't really envision fully what we are about to discover.  On my next blogs are some of the tours that we've been to.  You might want to get some ideas there.
      • What and where to eat?  This will be the on some of our minds.  Don't worry, there are quiet a number of good restaurants to eat.  It's not as bad as we are trying to imagine.  It's not all side walk restaurants if that's what you are worried about.  Some of them are like the restaurant that we are used to here.  And the people are quiet accommodating.  I will write about some of the must-dine-in restaurants in another blog.
      • Safety.  You might probably be wondering how's the safety in Vietnam?  Surprisingly, it is quiet safe.  We even enjoyed walking at night looking for our restaurant and the mall we decide to have a look at.  There are also quiet a number of tourists from other countries like Americans, Europeans, Asians to name a few.  They just walk the streets during day and night time.  That's how you gauge the safeness of the place.  Although of course, don't dismiss caution with everything you do.  Although it's quiet safe, still be careful with your things and take full caution with the people you are going to encounter.  There might still be some bad eggs out there just waiting to pounce specially when our guards are down .
      • Enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!  This is the most important thing that you must not forget to do.  That is to enjoy.  Whatever you discover, whether it's up to par with our standards or not take it as a beautiful learning experience and a blessing we had the pleasure of enjoying.  It makes the trip more fun and exciting to look forward to.

        Note to my readers and thanks to Christina YY:
        Please pardon me for being silent for quiet sometime.  I had unfortunately used up my 1GB quota for photos in Picasa and was very worried I won't be able to produce a "photo-filled" blogs for you to enjoy.  Finally,  I found out a way to do so again through Flickr.  Thanks to a blogger I followed,  she told me I can do this through Flickr.  Thank you Christina YY! =)  It just took me quiet awhile though... =) 

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