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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel - Bathroom (Room Accommodation)

Now, what's a room without it's bathroom?  Our room's bathroom greeted us its with cozy lights.  Along with its neatly piled towels, marbled counter top comes knick knacks that you can bring home for souvenirs.

Mickey paper cups, folded-design towel, conditioning shampoo & bath gel, soaps and other bathroom toiletries are all for keeps if your interested.  Disneyland really thought of everything, they know their guests would love these little souvenirs.  And they indulged us with it much to our delight of course! =)

Our Mickey bathroom!

Marbled counter top and cozy lamps

The bathtub and Mickey film-print design curtain

The marbled soap dish with Mickey soap

Here comes the part I like.  The souvenirs!  Sometimes, I wonder why do we ever keep these stuffs.  Truthfully, it's just added stuffs to our overly plenty things at home.  But we just can't get over it, do we?  Hey, it's still a memento of our moment in Hong Kong Disneyland.  Why not, right? 

Most of the souvenirs, we can find in the bathroom...

Mickey paper cups
Mind you, I didn't use these cups just so I can bring them home.  Not to mention I had a hard time packing it! 

Folded-design towel,  a cute mouse or not?
Folded-design towel,  bunny or a piglet? you decide...

Until now, I don't even have the nerve to destroy it in its pristine state.  Just something to look at in your own home bathroom.

Conditioning shampoo and bath gel
Mickey soap

The top choice for souvenirs:  Conditioning shampoo, bath gel and soap!

Mickey bedroom slippers

If we have Daddy, Mommy and Kid bathrobes,  what do you think of the bedroom slippers?  Of course it also comes with a Daddy, Mommy and kid slippers.  A family room indeed!  Kids are never left out!


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  1. This is so cute. I really love the overall look but what attracted me so much are the cute towel displays. Hotels need to assure their customers that the restrooms are sanitized by a Twin Cities janitorial service provider (for instance) to guarantee their satisfaction during their stay. They are so creative. Thank you for this post.
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  2. @Dianne Grover,
    Your welcome. glad you like it. =)