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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel's "Chef Mickey Restaurant" - Family Dining at its Finest!

One of the first encounter of food that we have at Disney's Hollywood Hotel is dinner at Chef Mickey Restaurant.  It is an international buffet where master chefs, creating a show kitchen, whips up dreamy dishes one would never forget.

 Chef Mickey's reception and entrance area

Chef Mickey's interior
Complete with choices of high back chairs or sofas

As described in Disneyland's official site, Chef Mickey recalls the lavish Art Deco-styled studio commissaries of Hollywood's Golden Age. Mickey decorations and various classic Disney characters in sketch form are found throughout the restaurant.  
Chef Mickey's ceiling light decor
Classic sketched Disney characters
Simply Amazing!
The classic Disney character sketches in black and white and illuminated by the golden background transports us back to that Golden Age of classic animation in cinema.

After appreciating all there is at Chef Mickey, we were ready to do the next step.  That is eat of course! =)  There's a wide selection of Chinese, Western and Japanese Cuisine; something for every taste and palate.

A variety of food to choose from

Yum yum... seafood

Mickey nuggets

Cold cuts

Mini pig buns

Mickey's "For Display Cake Only"

Disney characters pasta

See the Mickey Pizza?  Definitely an eye pleaser

Clams, mussels, mini pig buns, dimsum and of course desserts!

Eat to your hearts desire!  Not only will you be "tummy-filled" and "heart-filled" with joy and happiness when you leave the restaurant, but you'll be back to that childhood days of being a child "at heart" one more time, when all you feel is laughter and carefree thoughts even for just one night.  Definitely an evening to remember.

But what would all these entail?  By now, a question of "how much will this meal cost me?" keeps on lurking in our mind.  We went to Hong Kong in the mid of March 2011.  At that time, Chef Mickey was giving a $HK80.00 off per adult dinner meal.  We just grab it!  Below is an example of the computation of our meal that we took at that time.

Note:  Don't forget to include the 10% service charge based on the original price, to your computation.

Per adult computation:
Chef Mickey's Original Price Dinner Per Adult -  $HK368.00
Less:  discount coupon  - $HK80.00
Add:  10% service charge base on original price  -  $HK36.80
TOTAL price per adult  -  $HK324.80

(($HK368.00 - $HK80.00) = $288.00 + $HK36.80) =  $HK324.80

Per kid computation:
Chef Mickey's Price Dinner Per Kid  -  $HK188.00
Add:  10% service charge base on original price  -  $HK18.80
TOTAL price per kid (ages 3-11)  -  $HK206.80

($HK188.00 + $HK18.80) =   $HK206.80

Please take note that I am in no way contesting the price that Disneyland is charging their guests, in case the above amount varies from the present prices because only Disneyland has the sole authority over the price they deem right to charge at any time.  The above computation is for pure comparison only.

As of 11:49pm of August 3, 2011,  I surfed the official site of Disneyland Hong Kong which is  They are currently offering a discount of $HK50.00 per dinner meal per adult at "Disney Chef Mickey's Buffet" from July 18 - August 31, 2011.

Adult: HK$278
(Original Price: HK$328)

Though they didn't mention the price per kid.  But they did note that a special buffet table for children has just been newly set up for kids to enjoy the fun of buffet.  So you will have to ask for the price at the information desk itself in Hong Kong when your there or call long distance for the inquiry at +852 3510 5000.

Also take note that the price on the internet varies.  When we surfed before we left for Hong Kong, the price per meal per person was lower than what we paid for.  Sometimes they do have their adjustments.  Just make this as your base price with a little allowance so that you'll not be surprised by the time you get there.

Lastly, don't forget to download and print the discount coupon.  Though we were not required to give our coupons at that time, but you may never know what will happen.  It's better to be prepared than be surprised.

Have a blast vacation, to those who will take one!

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