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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hong Kong: Disneyland Hotel - The Hotel of Magic and Fantasy

We were too excited with our breakfast at "Enchanted Garden" that we totally forgot about Disneyland Hotel itself.  It was only after we were tummy satisfied with our breakfast that we began to wander around the hotel itself.

Where Hollywood Hotel offers glamour, Disneyland Hotel offers opulence in every way.  The Victorian style decor offers elegance in every nook and cranny of the hotel.  The lavish decor that is typical in the Victorian Era can be seen in the paneling and wood works.  Golden marbles and walls just adds to its glory.

Disneyland Hotel's Front Desk

Charmingly captivating in every way, Disneyland Hotel let us enter the land of fairytale.  Where we can spoil our senses with its elegantly refined decor and luxurious amenities fit for the most discerning eye.

Disneyland Hotel's Hallway
Golden Grandeur in its glory.

Disneyland Hotel's Grand Lobby

Lobby's Magnificent Chandelier

Grand Window Panes

Lobby's Full View

Disneyland Hotel's Bronze Mickey Statue

Disneyland Hotel's Bronze Minnie Statue

Definitely a feast for the eyes.  But due to time constrains, we weren't able to fully take advantage of its glory.  But the one thing we couldn't resists to visit is their gift shop.  Should you have more than ample time to do so, it's like a whole different world inside not only fascinating for the kids but also amazing even for the adults.  Only a little heavy on the pocket! =)  But what's one little souvenir to bring home than non at all? =)

Leaving Disneyland Hotel with a heavy heart, we left the hotel and was still greeted by the continuous theme of the hotel outside.

This walkway greeted us outside with its delicate-looking but sturdy handrails.

Can't help but take a picture of this Mickey design garbage along the way.

Last glimpse of the Hotel's entrance

Resort Shuttle Stop

Resort Shuttle Route and Schedules

After experiencing Disney's Hollywood Hotel during our stay in Hong Kong;  the next time I come back,  Disneyland Hotel will definitely be the first choice in my list!

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