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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hong Kong: Disneyland Hotel's Gift Shop, Salon and Bathroom

The one thing we can't resist when we have vacations is to look for souvenirs to bring home.  Even if we know that hotel souvenir prices are a bit pricey... still this is "The Land of Mickey Mouse", the icon associated for Disneyland! =)  So let's threw caution in the wind for awhile and buy even one (1) little thing that fancy our eyes...  or not? =)

Everything cute and fancy, pretty and nice, delicate and classy, fluffy and soft, all that's pleasing to the eyes and nice to the touch.  A haven for the little kids and even a haven for money spending parents and adults...  (grin... grin... grin...) !

Everything nice and fancy to the touch and eyes.

Mickey and Minnie Stuff Toys under the colored window panes.

Rows and row of plush toys

Cute and cuddly baby Donald Duck

And of course fancy clothes for the little tots! =)

Here are some of my great finds that might give you an idea of what to expect inside this gift shop.

Coloring Case
A coloring case containing 18 color pencils, 18 slim markers, 18 crayons, 18 pastels, 12 markers, pencil, eraser, ruler and sharpener.  Perfect for my little one.  This complete coloring case cost HK$165.00.

10 Classic Markers
If the coloring case might be too expensive for your taste,  these classic markers will still do its magic to your little one.  These classic markers costs HK$50.00.

5th Anniversary Special Edition souvenir spoon and fork
Since Disneyland Hong Kong is celebrating their 5th Anniversary, they have lots of special edition souvenirs.  This special edition spoon and fork set souvenir is great to give to somebody special to you, or just for yourself.  This one costs HK$150.00.

Heart shaped lock and key
This one is my best find. Only for me! =)  A Disney Princess lock and key.  Really love cute stuffs! =)  This one costs HK$60.00.

After satisfying our curiosity with all the lovely goods at the gift shop, we went to the bathroom before continuing our journey for the day.  And oh, we're glad we did.  The lobby's bathroom is magnificent!

Ladies Bathroom Sign

Gentlemen's Bathroom Sign

Bathroom interior

Disney Princess mirrors and marbled counter tops

The Victorian theme continued even inside the bathroom interior.  The lights illuminate the golden design all over the area.  It's a sight to behold.  The counter tops are well maintained and clean.  It's as if you'll be wary to use them thinking you might mess up the beauty of the place. =)  It also has a sink designed particularly for the convenience of the kids!  Disneyland do think of everything don't you think?

Just outside the bathroom is a salon for your little princesses, where they can be made up into real princesses with matching princess gowns.  It's a fairytale come true in this salon.  If you have little girls this is where they would love to go.

The salon with its window display of Disney Princesses gowns.  Inside they are treated to an individual vanity where they are made-up to be real princesses! =)

Something for the little girls to look forward to and something for the adults' expectation to see the appreciation and delight coming from their kids eyes.  It's those precious moments that makes it all worthwhile!

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    1. I am a huge Disney Amusement park fan! Did you go to the amusement park there? If so how was it and would you recommend it?

    2. Wow these are great pics and commentary. Love it :)

    3. Hi MammaB,
      Yes, I did went to the amusement park. I'm going to do a blog on it soon. I'm doing the blog of the hotels first. =) It's a smaller version (way smaller I mean) compared to Disney Amusement Parks in the U.S. You can complete the tour of the park in 1-2 days! =)

      Anonymous Blogger,
      Thank you very much! It means so much to know someone appreciates my blog. =)

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    5. @Yesinn,
      Thanks for reading my blog and your welcome. =)

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