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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hong Kong: Disneyland Amusement Park Experience

Inside Hong Kong Disneyland Amusement Park; the magic, fantasy, fairytale and adventure continues.  One is given the opportunity to leave all the worries and troubles behind and enjoy this special moment.

Welcome Sign, Mickey skateboarding above a whale and Mickey the Magician

All these are part and parcel of what you will see during your adventure through this amusement park.

Some of the most memorable adventures and meetings with Disney Characters:

Main Street U.S.A.

The Adorable Couple - Mickey and Minnie!

Having the chance to greet this fabulously popular couple is like being an adoring fan and meeting your most admired actor in Hollywood for the first time!

Tangled Donald Duck Decor in one of the Souvenir Shops at Main Street U.S.A

Interesting to look at!



Tomorrowland is filled with science fiction, fantasies and space adventure.  A World of "Future" and the "Unknown"...


Orbitron is where you pilot your own saucer high above Tomorrowland.  Alas, we weren't able to partake in this adventure.  The line is too long... =(

Stitch Encounter
Stitch Encounter is where one talk and play games with mischievous Experiment 626 (otherwise known as Stitch) at the Space Traffic control center.  Never the same show twice.


Autopia's walkway ceiling decor

Autopia's futuristic electric car
Autopia is where you drive into the future aboard electric cars that cruise along the highways of tomorrow.  Minimum height to drive is 137cm.  Minimum height to ride is 81cm.  Fun ride for your little toddlers.  Nothing scary, don't worry! =)

Outside the Starliner Diner
Inside the Starliner Diner
Starliner Diner features burgers, fried chicken, salads and sundaes.

Of course, what's all the adventure without food?  Hungry, we had our lunch at the Starliner Diner.  Starliner Diner serves up easy and fast meals, hot and ready to eat in no time; fit for any on-the-go-guests who worry about time constrains.

Chicken Barbecue Rice Combo with Chicken Corn Soup, costs HK$68.00 each set meal
We were so hungry that these almost-ordinary-fast-food meals seems unusually yummy and sumptuous! =)



Fantasyland, enter the world of enchantment and fantasy; where you meet Characters live out of our fairytale books that we used to love and still love until today.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Your very own Dumbo ride

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, soar high aboard your own Dumbo.  Pilot your own Dumbo high up and low through Fantasyland.  You can let your kids hold the controls, just remind them to go slowly or you'll turn your tummies upside down. =)

Mad Hatter Tea Cups
Mad Hatter Tea Cups, go for a spin at a most unconventional tea party.  Where you control your own spins by spinning the steering wheel. =)

White Rabbit and Alice of "Alice in Wonderland"

Meet and greet with White Rabbit and Alice outside "Mad Hatter Tea Cups".  Meeting with these Characters made me remember the classic fairytale of Alice in Wonderland.  It's like being a kid all over again. =)

Cinderella Carousel

Cinderella Carousel, where one ride any of the 60 graceful, prancing horses.  Adults and kids can enjoy gliding together on horses around this carousel.

"The Golden Mickeys"
The Golden Mickeys is a musical celebration of Disney's film, and characters.  This is a must for everyone!  Set aside time for this musical in your adventure's itinerary!  Take note of the time and be prompt.  They don't accept guests during the middle of the show.

Royal Banquet Hall

Royal Banquet Hall is an international food fair offering American grill, Japanese Cuisine, Chinese dim sum / steamed rice and specialty rice dishes.  This hall deserves another blog for their fascinating interior! See my next blog soon about this hall...

After a long exhausting albeit extremely fun day, we had our dinner at Royal Banquet Hall.  We were all so exhausted that it's already an effort just to eat.  But if you ask me if I would do this again?  YES, I definitely will!

We haven't have the opportunity to explore Adventureland, due to time constrains and having a toddler with you all the time could slow down the pace of your exploration.  But nevertheless, I wouldn't have it the other way around. =)

The main attraction of Adventureland are Tarzan's Treehouse and Jungle River Cruise.

  • Tarzan's Treehouse - Climb to high adventure in the treetop home of Tarzan.  Conduct experiments and play musical instruments in an interactive playhouse at the base of the tree.
  • Jungle River Cruise - Journey with your intrepid skipper along the mysterious Rivers of Adventure.  Get amazed with their lifelike animals, places and people.  Even the rivers has its own surprise in store for you.

These are some of the fun things we did, that we will cherish forever.  Whatever it is you will encounter, I'm positively sure it will also be an experience worth remembering. =)

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