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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Food Choices at Barbecue Garden Quan Nuong - Vietnam

The most awaited part of "restaurant-hunting" is having to taste the food you have chosen.  With hungry tummies waiting to be satisfied, we began looking at the menu and chose our meal for the night.

Please take note that the prices are up to the discretion of Barbecue Garden if they are going to change it as they see fit.  The prices below are the prices during the time we dined in the restaurant.  These can be a reference just in case you would like to try this restaurant.

BBQgarden order1
Barbecue Garden wet wipes
BBQgarden order2

COMBO 2     PHAN NUONG 2                                                 264,000.00 vnd
       Family Beef
(Beef with cheese, Beef 5 spices, Beef with lemongrass & chilli, Beef with honey, vegetables, steamed rice)
       Bo nuong phan gia dinh
(Bo nuong pho mai, ngu vi, sa ot, mat ong, rau cai, com trang)

 This dish offers raw beef marinated in different spices, sauces and flavours.  A perfect accompaniment to a bowl of white rice, of course after we cooked it on the grill.  In the menu, it says that this is a family dish good for 3 to 4 persons.  Actually when we ate, it seems just enough for two... I don't know if we were just too hungry or the taste was too irresistible to eat or this was just the restaurant's way to make you order more and more. =)

Well, of course we ordered some more... well... a whole lot more...

BBQgarden order3
Ca phi le nuong

Grilled fish fillet                                                                            small    44,000.00 vnd
Ca phi le nuong

BBQgarden order4
Ga nuoc cot dua nuong xien

Grilled coconut chicken skewers                                                 25,000.00 vnd
Ga nuoc cot dua nuong xien 

BBQgarden order5
Muc nuong muoi ot

Grilled fresh squid with salt and chilli                                          small    62,000.00 vnd
Muc nuong muoi ot

BBQgarden order6
Cai ro xao dau hao hoac xao toi

Sauteed young kale with oyster oil or garlic                               27,000.00 vnd
Cai ro xao dau hao hoac xao toi

BBQgarden order7
BBQgarden order8
COMBO 3    PHAN NUONG 3 on the grill

COMBO 3     PHAN NUONG 3                                                   244,000.00 vnd
       Family Mixed
(Beef with cheese, Fish fillet, Prawns with salt & chilli, Squid with salt & chilli, vegetables, steamed rice)
       Nuong thap cam phan gia dinh
(Bo nuong pho mai, Ca phi le nuong, Tom nuong muoi ot, Muc nuong muoi ot, rau cai, com trang)

We were so engrossed in eating that I forgot to take a photo of this combo 3 dish.  This was the dish to finish off and fully satisfy our tummies.  Cooking the meat ourselves was part of the fun, with the hope that each meat you put on the grill will cook fast so that we can get it to our mouths as quickly as possible.

BBQgarden order9
A quick photo at our meal before we cooked it.
BBQgarden order10
This is the way we cook it, with oil dripping on the grill.
Just a word of advice, cooking on the grill can be a bit hazardous.  Beware of oil splashing from time to time.  If you are not used to this it can be a bit rough.  But after awhile, you can get used to it and the rewards of that fleshy yummy goodness inside your mouth is well worth it! =)

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