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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vietnam's Blue Diamond Hotel

Our first stop is our hotel, the Blue Diamond Hotel.  Being at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City,  Blue Diamond Hotel provides the facilities and services that one can rarely see in a three (3) star hotel.  The hotel itself is a bit narrow compared to the regular hotel we find here in the Philippines and it has only 8 floors which means it is not that tall.  This is the usual hotels one can usually find in Vietnam.  But the room accommodations and services it provides really compensate with this short deficiency.


Blue Diamond Hotel - 3 Star

Blue Diamond Hotel

Blue Diamond Hotel's facilities includes:

    Blue Diamond Facade

  • Ground floor - this has a Victorian era inspired setting.  Sofas and coffee tables of intricately carved gold wooden design and reception area with friendly hotel staffs.
      Flower decorThe lovely floral and Golden Swan decor just finish off the Victorian inspired setting and adding that touch of elegance. Reception areaReception staffs were more than courteous and accommodating.
    • Restaurant - located at the ground floor, it offers buffet breakfast of variety of foods that includes Western, Asian and of course Vietnamese foods.  The food spread includes breads, pastries and muffins; mixed salads, sandwiches, pastas and noodles, sausages.  For congee lovers, congee comes with varieties of condiments to choose from like salted egg, spring onions, toasted garlic, fried onions, pickles, ginger, chilies and a lot more.   Vietnamese food includes rice cakes, their famous spring rolls and Vietnamese noodles.  I love their noodles, they use fresh ingredients of herbs which makes their noodles different but an acquired taste for some.  Also, their buffet offers juice, coffee and tea.  A must try is their own hotel-made yogurt!  You'll definitely love it.  Not too sour and it has that right consistency in your mouth.  If they offer it that day, grab some because they ran out fast!  And oh, they have computers for you to surf just in case you want to know something before or after your meal.
    • Viva Lounge - this is an ideal venue for pre-dinner, business lunches or evening cocktails.  Located on the 1st level, it is suppose to transport you to an era that saw the opening of the Viva Lounge.  Since we have really no prior plan to do any of the above, we hadn't really thought of even taking a peak at this area.
    • Business Center - this provides business travelers with high speed internet.  This is located on the Lobby Level of the hotel.
    • Fitness Room - guests can access to training equipments; this is located on room number 105.
    • Meeting Room - the hotel offer meeting and event of up to 100 guests.  They provide the latest multimedia services with the hotel's team of professional staff for assistance.
    • Foot Massage Room - they offer foot massages that doesn't require reservations.
    • Room Accommodations - this is really the most surprising of all, room accommodations (that is the one we stayed in) were spacious.  I was expecting cramp rooms but this really exceeded my expectation.  So happy with it.
    • Internet Service - this is the best thing for me.  They offer FREE internet service that you can use within the vicinity of the hotel.  You just need to ask for the password at the front desk.  Compared to some hotel in advance countries which charge for the use of their internet, Blue Diamond Hotel doesn't do so.  Love... Love... Love... It!

    For a three (3) star hotel, this is not bad at all.  All my worries the first time I stepped into the hotel vanished after experiencing the amenities though not all, but the important ones that is.  It was more than pleasant... it definitely exceeded my expectation.

    So for you who want to have a great time without the much worried financial fuss, this is a good hotel to stay and spend time in.  You will not be disappointed, for you will get more than what a usual three (3) star hotel can offer.

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