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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue Diamond Hotel's Restaurant - Vietnam

Blue Diamond Hotel Restaurant is located at the ground floor of the hotel.  It offers a wide range of variety of foods for you to choose from.  Breakfast buffet hours are from 6:00am to 9:00am.

045- A
Blue Diamond Hotel Restaurant at the ground floor
The restaurant located at the ground floor is just beyond the reception area where you'll never miss it.  The area itself is fairly small, probably fit to my estimation only, up to 40 - 50 people.  The ambiance has a comfy-cozy feel to it.  

Interior of the restaurant
Simple decorations not too flashy, comfy chairs, neatly stacked paper napkins, neutral tone colors, clean lines... all add to the simplicity and comfortability that the restaurant offers.  It offers any diners a "welcome feeling" everytime you step inside its doors.
Day 2 buffet #1
Buffet table
The buffet table found in the middle area of the restaurant offers a variety of dishes from bread and pastries, salads, pastas, rice, congees, omelettes, sandwiches, fruits to name a few.  But of course the buffet table most always offers their Vietnamese noodle with fresh herbs and their famous Vietnamese rice rolls.

Below are photos of the buffet dishes:
Day 2 buffet #2
(Clockwise) 1. Calzone, steam rice flour with meat, sandwiches, vegetarian spring rolls; 2. Congee with your choice of fresh herbs and toppings; 3. Vietnamese noodles with their fresh herbs and spices; 4. Fruits, muffins and rice cakes.
Day 3 buffet #1
(Clockwise) 1. Rootcrops in some days like sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn; 2. Different kinds of pastas for pasta lovers; 3. Fried noodles; 4. Vietnamese noodle.
Day 2 buffet #3
Pastas, sausages, omelettes and hard boiled eggs
Just behind the corner wall are the cereals, milk, juice, coffee and yogurt.

There was one special food that we were looking for everyday when we ate our breakfast.  That is the Blue Diamond Hotel's homemade yogurt!  Yes, it is made by the hotel itself and it's just perfect!  Not too sour, texture is just right and really delicious.

The famous Blue Diamond Hotel yogurt...  Yum!
A sample of what our breakfast is like... a complete meal! =)

The best thing of all, after your breakfast if you need to do some business through the internet, they have computers available inside the restaurant to accommodate your needs.  What could be more perfect?

The sign says "For Business Only"

So for those doing business this is really very convenient and perfect place to organize yourselves before setting out for the day.  A perfect match indeed!

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