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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vietnam's Airport - Tan Son Nhat International Terminal

Arriving at Vietnam's Airport, the Tan Son Nhat International Terminal was one of mixtures of emotions.  For one,  we really don't know what to expect.  Secondly, we don't know how the Vietnamese people would treat tourists like us.  Nevertheless, all went well.

Vietnam below

Just before the plane lands, you can almost touch the houses of Vietnam.

Tan Son Nhat International Terminal was simple and clean.  Maybe not as vast and not as highly developed as other airport in other countries, but for a country that is recuperating from years of war... I might say it's not bad at all.

Vietnam Airport 2

Vietnam Airport 1

Tan Son Nhat International Terminal

And I think they do have their own flagship airline.  Just by the name itself "Vietnam Airline", I presume it speaks for itself...

Vietnam Airplane

While walking along our airplane bridge, we see beyond the Vietnam Airline disembarking their passengers through their airplane bridge.

Upon finally getting off the airplane bridge.  We were introduced to Vietnam's immigration.  The vastness of the space, no fuss, all clean lines were surprisingly refreshing.  Just plain and simple... and that is Vietnam!


Vietnam's immigration

Also, before we fall in line for the immigration we made a trip to their bathroom.  It's not as "high-tech" as you might say compared to well-developed countries but it's fairly clean.  You have a choice to choose from squatting pan water closet or the usual conventional water closet.  I opted for the conventional one.  The other, not really my first choice. =)

Common bathroom

Airport's bathroom

After going through immigration and luggages in hand, we all went out to finally begin our Vietnam journey.

Outside the airport

Outside the airport, if one doesn't really know it can pass up as one of our own airport in the Philippines, don't you think?

Finally waiting for our ride...  Vietnam here we come!

Waiting for car

Waiting for our car.

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