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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Diamond Hotel's Room Accommodation - Vietnam

Our room accommodations were really surprisingly spacious despite the hotel being a 3 star hotel.  And we were more than thankful and happy for that.

DSC02475- A
Our elevator with its obvious few floor buttons.

DSC02659- A
Poster showing the  amenities of Blue Diamond Hotel.

The hotel itself has very limited floors as seen in the above first image.  Inside the elevator is the poster; second image; showing the amenities of the hotel.  The amenities which includes basement parking, restaurant, business center, gym room, Viva Lounge and the guest rooms which starts from the 2nd floor up until the 8th floor.

We were given two rooms.  One on the 2nd floor and the other on the 6th floor.  Both facing the street.  Our rooms were rooms 210 and 610.  

ROOM 210

Room 210, as we requested were for three (3) persons.  The room is complete with its own sofa and coffee table, luggage rack, television, working table and mirror, bathroom, closet and minibar.

DSCF2601- A

DSCF2603- A
Our beds

DSCF2627- A

DSCF2604- A
Television, sofa and coffee table with the luggage rack on the side

The television, sofa and coffee table; and luggage rack are all across our beds.  The coffee table is complete with three (3) pcs. complimentary bottled water, three (3) pcs. Lipton tea bags, three (3) pcs. Nescafe instant coffee and three (3) pcs. sugar packs.

DSCF2605- A
Working table and mirror

DSCF2607- A

The leftmost door which is shot partially in this photo is the main door to our room.  The middle door which has a different hue color among the three is the closet door and below is the minibar.  The rightmost door, is the door leading to our bathroom.  What I really don't appreciate is the closet.  So small for the three (3) of us.  We didn't actually use it except to hang our used clothes. 

DSCF2612- A
Water closet
DSCF2614- A
Bath tub
DSCF2618- A
Lavatory, intercom phone and hairdryer

Upon entering the bathroom, the first thing you'll see is the water closet.  On the right is the bath tub and on the left is the lavatory along with the intercom phone and hairdryer.

DSCF2616- A
Blue Diamond Hotel's Shampoo and Shower Gel

DSCF2626- A
Blue Diamond Hotel's toiletries packed in dainty white boxes

ROOM 610
Room 610, were for two (2) persons.  The room is much the same as room 210 except it only has 1 couples bed.  It is also complete with its own sofa, coffee table set, luggage rack, television, working table and mirror, bathroom, closet and minibar.

P1040169- A

P1040165- A
Couples bed and a coffee table set

Just by looking at the above photo the room feels more roomier that the previous room.  And it has a coffee table set that allows couple to enjoy a simple chat with each other.
P1040168- A
Television, sofa, luggage rack and laundry basket

The mini sofa is definitely for couples only.  But if you want a spacious seat, then this fits only one person. =)
P1040166- A
Water closet and bath tub
P1040167- A

As much as we always search for good room accommodations, this definitely fits the bill in my opinion.  Not much of a 5 star hotel but then, the amenities that comes within the room itself is not bad at all.  Spacious rooms and oh yes WIFI Free.  Just ask the front desk for the password and you're good to go.  I love Vietnam! =)  Hope you'll find the experience fulfilling as much as I did.

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