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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant -Vietnam

Our first dinner in Vietnam was at Nha Hang Ngon.  It was a very cozy restaurant, nothing that we really expected.  On our first night, we were quite in a puzzle on where to eat.  We asked the information counter at Blue Diamond Hotel to point us to a nice restaurant where we can have a good dinner.  They pointed us to Nha Hang Ngon. It was much more than what we expected, apparently the place was very famous not only to the locals but also to foreigners because of the good quality of food it offers at an affordable price.  Definitely a must for everyone! 

Nha hang ngon
Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant facade and design
Nha hang ngon1
Outdoor and indoor dining with indoor cooking at plain sight for everyone to see.

We were quiet impressed with the way they design the theme of the restaurant.  It goes to show that Vietnam is really on the way to greatness.  And so we open the menu and choose our dinner for the night.  Below are our choices.  If some of you are curios about their menu, I'll write it on my next blog.  It's a bit long for a menu, but it can be a big help if you want to plan your visit and expenses.  See you in my next blog.

fried rice
Com chien hai san
Fried Rice with Seafood       95,000.00 dong

rice pancake
Banh xeo
Vietnamese Rice Pancake       50,000.00 dong

Xa lach tron dau giam
Assorted Salad       45,000.00 dong
Rau muong xao toi
Stir fried water spinach with garlic       55,000.00 dong

spring rolls
Cha gio
Fried Spring Rolls served with Vermicelli, Fresh Herbs and Fish Sauce       52,000.00 dong

Muc nuong muoi ot
Grilled squid with Chilli and Salt       110,000.00 dong

Dua tuoi
Fresh coconut       25,000.00 dong

It was a satisfying Vietnamese dinner.  I kind of love the way they always include fresh herbs and spices to their food.  Although to some it is an acquired taste but to me it's refreshing and not only that really healthy for you too.

For your information, below is the map of Ho chi Minh City and the address and numbers of Nha Hang Ngon.  As you can see the street where Nha Hang Ngon is, is very near to Blue Diamond Hotel (more or less in between the number 6 and 7).  We just walked a few blocks to reach the restaurant.

map of vietnam
Map of Ho Chi Minh City

Nha Hang Ngon
Address: 160 Pasteur, P. Ben Nghe, Quan 1, TP.HCM
DT: (84-8) 3827-7131
Fax: (84-8) 3827-7127

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