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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Barbecue Garden Quan Nuong - Vietnam

On our third night after our tour we went "restaurant-hunting" once again.  Walking is the best way to look around.  We kept walking along the streets of Ho Chi Minh; truthfully, we felt we were really lost until we pass by an open air restaurant.  It was really appealing at night with all the lights hanging among the trees and the laughter of people dining inside the restaurant.  We got curious and checked out the place.

BBQgarden interior1
Flaming Barbecue Garden sign

BBQgarden interior3
Fully packed Barbecue Garden Restaurant at night.
BBQgarden interior2
The relaxing ambiance combined with the aromas and music filling the air piqued our senses.

At first, albeit a little bit reluctant, we step through its entrance.  The laughter and sounds of people talking were the first to greet our sense of hearing.  Then comes the lights that delightfully greeted our sense of sight along with people dining, be it local or foreign which just goes to show how people patronized the place.  Then along came the swift mixture of aromas mingling through the air whething our... by that time hungry tummies, thus our appetites.

We chose our seats with a tent hanging on our heads.  Yes, I know, I'm a spoil sport right?  You might say, it's an outdoor restaurant for crying out loud!   Well, we were just making sure not to spoil our dinner instead of regretting when rain suddenly wants to pour its happy tears upon us!  First rule, satisfy our tummies were the top priority! =)

BBQgarden interior4
Our secluded with overhead tent seats.
BBQgarden interior7
Old fashioned lamps makes the place a little bit rustic too.
There's also one thing that might have attracted people specially tourists with hyper-active kids tagging along with them... is their indian-like tent play area.  While daddies and mommies choose their dinner for the night, the kids can take some of their energy out in this area giving parents a little breathing space... if you know what I mean. ;)

This is one thing my child would really have loved playing in.  But alas, this was the time when I didn't bring him along due to it being school days.  But nevertheless, I would like to share this for those parents looking for some interactive fun for their children while at the same time having some great food.

BBQgarden interior5
Barbecue Garden's Indian-like tent play area.
BBQgarden interior6
Kids enjoying their fun time while parents enjoying their alone time even for a little while.
For some of you who might be interested in this restaurant, I took a shot of their calling card.  See photos below.
BBQgarden interior8
BBQgarden interior9

Enough of the place already, by now, you must want some insight on the food we ate.  I'll bring you to that journey.  Please check out my next blog on the the food we chose.

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