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Friday, August 9, 2013

Kichi Kichi at Vincom Center in Vietnam

On our usual quest for good food, we wandered around on our second day in Vietnam.  We set our target on where to eat for dinner.  Walking along Ho Chi Minh City was quiet refreshing.  The common transportation of motorcycle is always a must see on the roads.  Flocks of motorcycles waiting for the stop light to turn green is a sight to behold.  We continued our journey through the peaceful streets of Ho Chi Minh just by walking around.  Our foot finally set us to Vincom Center.  
Vincom Center (171 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
Vincom Center, a large mall in Ho Chi Minh City; standing tall among its surroundings, almost dwarfs everything around it.  Its glass paneled-modern structure speaks volume of its contemporary interior.  Stepping indoors makes you feel luxurious.  Luxury brands like Armani, Jimmy Choo, FCUK to name a few.  Other famous entities like Aldo, Bata, Braun Buffel, Charles & Keith, Pedro, Pierre Cardin, Bonia, Armani Cafe, BreadTalk, Highland Coffee, Kichi Kichi, Mochi Sweets, BUD's Ice Cream, Fanny Ice Cream, Carl's Jr. and a lot more can be found in this shopping center.  Truly, a shopaholic haven!

Below are some of these entities:
Mochi Sweets, a Japanese cake made from glutinous rice flour, extraction of fruits, kidney bean and cream.
Car's Jr., an American fast food burger outlet
Facade of one of the restaurants inside the mall.
We wandered along each level looking for our restaurant.  Arriving at the fifth floor, we saw Kichi Kichi.  It piqued our interest and we decided to dine in for dinner.
Kichi-Kichi 1
Kichi-Kichi, a sit-down hot pot restaurant.
Kichi-Kichi, upon paying a fixed amount; one is lead to a table with its revolving conveyor of over 100 selected items to choose from.  From meat to seafood to vegetables to name some.  This hotpot buffet also offers sushi and snack buffet including fruits.  It's really eating to your hearts content.  I know I was happy and fulfilled when we finished!
Kichi-Kichi 3
Fixed price of your choice
Kichi-Kichi 2
Sushi and Snack buffet section

Below are photos of the revolving conveyor with choices of food to choose from:
Kichi-Kichi 7
Kichi-Kichi 6
Kichi-Kichi 5
Beef wrapped Enoki mushroom
Kichi-Kichi 4
Stuffed crab shell
Our food choices from the conveyor and sushi & fruit bar:
Kichi-Kichi 9
Kichi-Kichi 8
Kichi-Kichi 10

The freedom of choice to choose our food and cook it in hotpot style; can't really ask for a more healthy dinner.  It was a dining experience worth relishing!

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