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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ho Chin Minh's Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is one of the tourists spots in Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam.  It is famous for its local handicrafts, textiles, souvenirs, local fruits and local cuisine.  Not only is it a large marketplace but it is located in central Ho Chin Minh and is easily accessible.

If you are a big fan of Vietnamese food specially Vietnamese noodles, then this place is the best to visit.  And if your a shopaholic, this place is also for you.  Branded bags, handbags and luggages are all over the place.  North Face and Kipling brands specifically, are the brands widely sold.  These are mostly replicas though some are class A quality replicas.  A keen eye for detail is a must.  And if you are a bargainer then bargain, if you must haggle to get a good price; do it! 
Ben Than 11
Ben Thanh Market
Ben Than 10
One of the shops at Ben Thanh Market
Ben Than 9
Lovely designed flowers
Ben Than 8
Fresh meat and produce
Ben Than 7
Fruit stands
Ben Than 6
Ben Than 4
It's almost like a a chaotic place because it's surrounded of almost every sort of things you might need, but in a good way.  We could not take in the whole place in one visit, we had to come back another day just to sort out what we are going to prioritize first.  A good thing that Blue Diamond Hotel, our hotel for the whole trip was just literally a short walk away making it easy for us to keep coming back anytime we want.

As we had our leisure walk back to our hotel we can't help but see lots of vendors on their bikes selling fruits.  One of the common sights we see around the city.  Can't help but buy the fruits their selling.  Not to say they are all fresh and really good to eat.

Ben Than 2
A vendor selling star apples

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